What Is Friday Cake Club?

What is Friday cake club?

I am often asked this question so here’s the story behind it’s creation and how you can be me involved. So firstly how do you create a new cake recipe? Anyone who knows me will know I that I can be slightly focused, just ask my husband about the angle of the butter dish!

I love the whole process of creating a recipe, something sparks in my brain and then that’s it I have to start researching recipes, critique the ingredients, technique and cooking time whilst using my knowledge of the other recipes I have created and somehow something clicks then its time to bake it and see what happens! In the earlier days of all mine cakes when creating recipes there was often cake, cake, cake everywhere but what are you to do with 3 versions of one recipe which could be over 30 cakes? Give them away to friends, family, neighbours and work collegues, usually with the question which version do you prefer A, B or C? I recall there was audible disappointment when I didn’t bring in cake samples to work or if my husband had a particular favourite he would subtly say “can we erm maybe keep that one?”

So as the recipe folder increased there were less samples of cake available as I was developing my style and often created the recipe on the first or second attempt as you repeat volumes of flour, butter, sugar, eggs etc but then a neighbour said stopped me on the road and said “but I like a cake treat at the weekend” so Friday cake club was created. The principle is simple, it gives me opportunity to bake all sorts of cakes and treats, develop new recipes, take requests and then you guys simply reserve what cakes you would like which then helps me plan the numbers of cakes being baked to avoid disappointment…I announce on both my business facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/All-Mine-Cakes/1567933993456613?ref=bookmarks and twitter page @allminecakes on Tuesday mornings the cake choices for that week which will be ready for collection from Maythorne on Friday afternoons or I can be delivered to Country Home Interiors (opposite the library in Southwell) for collection after 11am, on Saturdays cake club continues in Country Home Interiors where Alan, Jane and Rach very kindly let me have a little cake shop so you can pop along, pick up cake or simply say hello

I hope this explains Friday cake club? More information about all mine cakes can be found on my website www.allminecakes.co.uk

Many thanks

Hayley x

Lisa King