How Do You Write A Recipe?

How on earth do you try and write a cake recipe? The ingredients is the easy bit but then it’s the method, all the little attention to detail things that somehow I need to capture and share without waffling because you have very limited space on a food packaging, to me its like driving a car, if you think about you usually get your feet wrong or something muddled! You may have guessed I have started the work to create my (we don’t actually have the proper name yet) gluten free flour blends. The idea is for you guys to be able to create your own gluten free cakes at home, we are keeping things simple to start, at the moment I am working on creating the gluten free flour aspect of the bake e.g. pre-weighed ingredients which is the magic formula for you guys to create your own gluten free victoria sponge or chocolate cake (I have even created a new, easy to follow chocolate cake recipe) which if preferred can be transferred into cupcakes? To be really clever I would love for the recipes to be adapted to be also be dairy free so you can create a gluten & dairy free Victoria sponge or chocolate cake however I feel some hurdles may need to be jumped, firstly and most importantly the packaging on bournville cocoa powder states may contain trace of milk and this is due to the manufacturing methods, some people are happy to accept ‘may contain trace’ however depending on the severity of the dairy intolerance or allergy this then worries me so I am mulling over having the GF chocolate cake sponge flour blend laboratory tested for piece of mind, my second thought, I am only supplying the recipe for making the sponges, I’m leaving the filling, topping and decoration to you guys to freestyle and create what takes your fancy on the day but then are you guys happy to do this? Would you prefer to have buttercream recipes adding to the box (however space is already going to be limited due to all the legal stuff you have to include by law) or would you be happy to refer to my website so you can create a tried and tested delicious recipe or a hints and tips section? You see questions, questions, questions!! So any comments please leave on my Facebook page or message privately on the All Mine Cakes page, all feedback gratefully received as I’m a cake baker but you guys may bake for fun so what’s best and most user friendly?
Talking of websites, mine is so so out of date, its not for the fact of being lazy or bothered but as rubbish as it sounds there just aren’t enough hours in the day to allow me to focus on sorting it, well that was until now. Unfortunately London Road Living in Newark are to cease trading as a shop from the 29th October 2016, it is devastating for them as they have put their absolute heart and soul into those 4 walls however they are diversifying so myself and Si wish them all the very best for the future. So when All Mine Cakes was informed of  their closure it allowed me some time to proper think about what and where I was going to do next. As a small business do you supply another business? What’s the knock on effect to All Mine Cakes? What am I going to do regarding Friday cake club? Etc etc etc….So here’s the plan. Many of you know we work very long hours (as do all independent businesses but you don’t realise until your managing one so high five to you all out there!) and the work/life balance has been out of sync for about 18 months if not longer and some of you may be aware that this body isn’t always my friend therefore to start with I am just going to see what happens within the business. I have so so much to catch up on, I have so many new recipes I would love to create and experiment with to be gluten free including pastry and bread, I have around 40 brand new, beautiful cook books which I have only had chance to flick through and look at the pictures so focusing on new recipes and treats is my priority whilst supplying the other 5 businesses with All Mine Cakes and lets just see, this adventure has found its own journey so far so lets see where it takes me.
In other news, some of you may have noticed my re-designed logo and branding? The business cards have been shared which I adore and they are based upon the All Mine Cakes creates Little Puddings packaging, the very clever Susie from Susie Huson Designs just gets me and my over attention to detail, we are so focused its frightening, its down to the millimetre, the angle, the comma and those blumen full stops on trading standards labels. By working on new trading standards labels for food packaging it means more of your favourite cakes to be available in Country Home Interiors in Southwell throughout the week.
I feel like I going on a bit but I have more news, shall I continue??? If I say it quickly? Some of you may have seen I appealed my Great Taste Award 2016 result for my All Mine Cakes creates Little Puddings Gluten Free Sticky Toffee Pudding and it was awarded 2 gold stars which is absolutely brilliant, there were tears and some of you may have seen my rather passionate post about how you just have to believe in yourself and what you can achieve, both the award winning (I’m rather proud can’t you tell?) Gluten Free Sticky Toffee Pudding plus the Gluten Free melt in the middle Chocolate Brownie Pudding are available in Gonalston Farm Shop in the chiller next to the deli at the back of the shop plus as I have won awards the last 3 years out of 5 I am now known as a Great Taste Food Producer which is simply amazing!! Last but by no means least our much loved Little Pudding has been away for 3 weeks having her aches and pains sorted by the brilliant Type 2 Detectives near Cambridge, she has had every single bit of her examined, analysed, fixed, repaired to her original state so she’s still 100% original and she is now like a brand new woman, she’s absolutely amazing, we have a photo diary of her visit and the work she had done and are so pleased to have her home!
Well hopefully you haven’t got bored or fallen asleep but now you guys are up to date with the latest All Mine Cakes news, hopefully with the slight change to the business structure I can restart writing more blog posts so you don’t have to endure an essay
Take cake, Hayley   x x

Lisa King