Making Your Own Sausage Rolls

Ever wondered how to make your own sausage rolls?  After my recent discovery of Jus-Rol gluten free pastry (thanks to Gluten Free Cuppa Tea on Facebook) you guys have highlighted how much you miss these little naughties following your diagnosis of Coeliac disease, gluten intolerance or life style choice.  With so many food bloggers and cookbooks highlighting the pro and mostly con’s of eating gluten therefore as a result lots of people are opting for a gluten free diet or a reduction in their gluten consumption. The gluten free food market is slowly improving with the big supermarkets realising that people want delicious gluten free foods (and other free from foods) and importantly you guys want a choice, not just dry bread that has a texture like the bottom of a bird cage or spit sapping cakes! So this is my guide to making sausage rolls can be used for both gluten free or traditional e.g gluten containing version. The only difference being if you are creating traditional sausage rolls you can make 16 out of the ready to roll pastry and you will require more sausages, some of you guys maybe thinking what about the cost? I totally agree because the ready to roll puff pastry is usually £1.50 (often on offer at £1.00) versus the gluten free version being £2.00 per roll and you make half the amount but it’s the brilliance of being to be able to eat a gluten free, delicious sausage roll and to some that’s priceless!! The Jus-Rol gluten free ready to roll puff pastry (which just so happens to also be dairy free) is currently only available in Tesco, mainly via online shopping however it is slowly becoming more available within the supermarkets but I would ring up Tesco customer services and ask which stores in your local areas stock it to save firstly driving around everywhere and avoid dissapointment as some of my followers are struggling to get their hands on it!  Whilst creating your versions remember this is just a guide, make them your own, if they look wonky who cares, its the fun of having a go and practice makes perfect.

Firstly get all your ingredients ready, choose your favourite variety of sausage, it doesn’t have to be simply pork, there are so many choices available both in the supermarkets, your local butcher or farm shop. Pre-heat your oven to 180oC, I use a fan assisted oven so adjust as required, get your baking tray and cover with some greaseproof paper, if making traditional version you will need two trays as you are creating double the amount if preferred? Simply follow the picture from left to right, going down the rows, I could go step by step but think you may be bored as I think the pictures say everything, once they are in the oven cooking check your gluten free sausage rolls after 30 minutes, traditional after 40 minutes, they should be beautifully golden all over. Once cooked remove from the baking tray with a spatula and place on a cooling rack, I like to have a couple of sheets of kitchen roll underneath to catch any oily drips and then the game is how long can you wait?? If diving in straight away remember they are going to be very hot so don’t burn yourself, if you can wait up to 30 minutes thats when they are at their best in my opinion
Happy baking and remember they don’t have to look perfect, they are homemade and taste so much better, I like to add sesame seeds after the egg washing stage before they go in the oven. In the words of my friend who recently made some you 'whack the sausage on the pastry, glue down edges with egg then egg wash them' Any questions please just ask but nearly forgot, for the gluten free version you will need between 6-8 sausages depending how full you fancy making them and for traditional 10-12
Hayley x

Lisa King