Gluten Free Flour Blends

o have you got the Monday Blues and on a morning like today who wouldn’t?  Well I may well just be able to help create some smiles as I have randomly selected 10 of you lovelies who entered my competition to trail my gluten free flour blends recipe. It was highly scientific, I opened all the likes on my post and asked my hubby to select numbers between 1-49, I have private messaged the winners but as proof to everyone else the winners are Louise Brown, Kristine Lee Britton, Lisa Padley, Jo Darley, Joanne Sclater, Lisa Abel, Kristin McIntosh, Leah Wood, Rachel Plumstead & Frankee Bowes-Hall. Additional to you lovelies I have also asked the amazing Oliver to create a cake plus my hubby, my graphic designer, my marketing buddy and cake brain oracle Helen, a close friend who wished to remain anon as dislikes social media plus the lovely cake Caroline & her mum so once everything is co-ordinated I just have to patiently wait for your replies…
Here come the logistics and this may take a few days to sort but your GF flour blend will be created and posted, I am going to need your postal addresses so please either reply to my congratulations message on Facebook or drop me an email at your parcel is in the post I will message you, they will be sent first class but due to the time of year its not necessarily arriving next day as I am discovering from my Friday Cake Club postal reservations, eek!
So here comes more fun, I am going to create the GF flour blends and place the instructions in the postal boxes and then write your address on the box so who knows who will receive the GF Victoria Sponge recipe or the GF chocolate cake recipe! The allergens within the blend and recipe include dairyegg and nut, if you are posted the GF chocolate cake flour blend mix, if you opt to create a chocolate buttercream there will also be the allergen of soya so if this creates any problems please inform me immediately as I cannot be responsible for any problems related to the allergens listed. I may regret saying this but if you do have a preference please state, I can’t promise but I can be as mindful as possible. In the meantime you guys are going to need some equipment and ingredients, 2 x 8 inch sandwich tins, some greaseproof paper (enough to line the bases of the 2 tins), 250g unsalted butter, 250g caster sugar, 4 free range eggs, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or if you prefer to make cupcakes then cupcake tins and papers to create 16 cakes. The idea is for you guys to freestyle your fillings & topping so be it vanilla buttercream, fresh cream, jam, chocolate buttercream, gluten free sweets however if you guys would like a tried, tested and loved recipe for either vanilla buttercream or chocolate buttercream please let me know and I will share my recipes…So just bear with me, Susie (my graphic designer) is just making the final tweaks to the instruction leaflet, those of you who know us we discuss ever millimeter, comma and full stop. I just ask you guys to give feedback, hopefully positive but if there are any things you find would be better, more helpful, less helpful, adjustments to baking times etc etc etc because I am a cake brain, I know my ovens to the second but you guys are the people who will be using this product to create your own perfect gluten free bakes, you may not be cake bakers, you may have given up despairing at crumbly, flat, heavy gluten free cakes, I would love you to email me pictures to share and whilst you guys are being my little helpers, I am busily working with my printers on pricing and having the packaging ready to go to print pending on your comments and feedback.
So happy baking to the lucky winners and thank you so much to everyone for your post likes, comments and shares…I do have another competition on my Facebook page which closes on the 30th November at 8pm to win a whole slab of my award winning GF triple chocolate brownie, to be with a chance to win I have a new ‘keep up to date’ link on my website, simply click on the subscribe link and follow the details
Many thanks as always for all your support
Hayley x x

Lisa King