Crikey, It's Christmas!

Blumen heck, its Christmas! With less than 48 hours to go until the big man arrives I am writing this thinking what an amazing year it has been but its flown by, I look and feel older, I am carrying a little bit more of me around and not simply through eating too much cake however some amazing things have happened and I know I have said it before but this adventure has become so so much more than I ever could have dreamed when I first started out over 3 years ago.  So in 2016 all of this happened, I started supplying The Real Milk Company in Halam, we said goodbye to London Road Living, was reduced to happy tears by an 8 year old, had all my gluten free creations lab tested and they all passed, Little Pudding had a full body and face lift with added botox, I launched All Mine Cakes creates Little Puddings range and after appealing my Great Taste Award results I was awarded a 2 gold stars for my gluten free Sticky Toffee Pudding, I have rebranded my logo, business cards and reviewed all my trading standard labels so your favourite cakes can be available when I am not around, I have mastered gluten free pastry so bring on more  GF tarts and treats in 2017, I have been offer the use of a Nottingham based cake business studio to enable gluten free workshops to potentially happen? I have turned down supplying some amazing local businesses with my cakes because I decided to keep bespoke and honour my original business ethos, discovered Jus-Rol gluten free ready to roll puff pastry so now able to guide you guys on making GF sausage rolls and other goodies which haven’t been enjoyed in years, I am in the process of creating the gluten free flour blend range so you guys can bake cakes at home using the magic formula, I found a new partner in crime and lovely friend who to be honest I’m not sure what I did before we met, probably chewed my husband’s ear off but just having someone to bounce business ideas, problems, thoughts and how do I create a GF/DF cream cheese frosting whilst discovering so much more about the world of cake plus after a meeting in a library to discuss general business development I discovered that my website is in need of some serious attention and that I need to improve so many aspects to help you guys discover the brand, I discovered elements to business support which I never knew existed to help with funding and business planning and all this whilst supplying local businesses with my cakes, attending such brilliant events, markets and festivals, meeting such lovely people and discovered how having dietary limitations and allergies are so restrictive so when we are discovered there’s a little happy dance which people of all ages do which is magical, that moment of discovery is just brilliant so having chance to look back over the year its been hard work but beyond awesome so its now time to checkout for our annual week off because everyone will be eating too much, drinking too much, purchased enough food to last until new year and then the new years resolutions begin so I will see you on the 2nd January 2017, have a good one, keep safe and enjoy the festivities surrounded by loved ones and remember those who are no longer here and wish you could ask them a thousand questions,

Merry Christmas and here's to a happy & healthy 2017

ove Hayley x x

Lisa King