Why Do We Have New Years Resolutions?

So its that time of year again when we start to think about new years resolutions, feel that our waist bands have expanded however our bank accounts look starved and its 3 weeks until your next payday! I know a lot of you will have new years resolutions, will be beating yourself up about something, usually weight gain, lack of job satisfaction or why did I spend so much on Christmas? If I wanted to give the statistics I would Google however this is a silly blog post of my jabberings not an  analysis of how many people fail their new years resolutions within 7, 14 and 21 days in January with the clinical rationale and psychological breakdown of why we don’t succeed. Ultimately it makes us feel like failures, with a monthly direct debit for gym membership and to be honest the media will do that for us whilst posting pictures of apparently thin, beautiful, airbrushed people but we are real people with lumps, bumps, wobbly bits, cellulite, wrinkles, crows feet, spots, stretch marks which makes us who we are, it tells the story of our life! We have all been there so back to those resolutions don’t be too tough on yourself, keep them simple and hopefully achievable such as only eat 2 of all those Christmas chocolates at a time as a treat instead of 6 (as I’m sat here writing this scoffing Christmas chocolates), don’t starve yourself on the cabbage soup diet or any other new and exciting diets to lose weight because when don’t eat peoperly your metabolism changes, yes you loose weight but when you start to eat properly your body goes into survival mode and actually stores more fat so ultimately its self defeating, simply eat a balanced diet including an occasional treat of All Mine Cakes and move a little more its simple so there’s my health promotion for 2016/2017 although I am not sure advocating eating of cake is health promotion?  I am simply saying don’t be too tough on yourself, cut yourself some slack and keep the resolutions simple if you wish to make them. I have created this little silly, photo montage from mooching through the wonders of Pinterest to make you giggle, its how many childish brain works….
Here’s to wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year
Love Hayley, Si and Little Pudding x x

Lisa King