Multi Award Winning Cakes

Gosh what a 6 weeks! Firstly I apologise for being quiet when so much exciting stuff has been happening however sometimes unexpected things happen outside the world of cake which shock the comfortable, reassured  world upon which you live and we found out late afternoon the same day we won our Great Taste Awards 2015 so this blog was written whilst the adrenalin and excitement was flowing through my veins which I am sure you will be able to see!

Wow, where do you begin? When entering The Great Taste Awards I always try to have an open mind and as the lottery slogan used to be “you’ve got to be in it to win it” and last year we were successful being awarded 1 gold star for my gluten free triple chocolate brownie but always wanting to better myself, the brand and the business we decided to enter the 2015 awards but what do you enter? When there are 10,000 entrants what is going to make you different or stand out from other food producers? As over 80% of my cakes are made using gluten free ingredients we opted to enter some of my gluten free cakes so back in March they travelled to Dorset and once had confirmation that that had arrived safely you forget about it however time passes on and then it’s July which slowly becomes August and you know its that time of year and any day now you will be receiving the email with the results…Then you are happily baking in the kitchen and your husband runs downstairs holding his laptop saying its here, its here, taking a few seconds to take in he must see my puzzled look and says very excited Great Taste!! Your stomach sinks, you feel slightly nauseous and the adrenalin kicks in….Fumbling your way through the log in, forgetting your password and then before you can have the results they ask you to name your favourite local food business, whilst your hands are shaking like leaves in a light breeze you type your answer and yes I shop there frequently and then you click on the result button….Seeing the two gold stars next to one of the cakes I submitted I let out a celebratory squeal, threw my arms in the air whilst my husband gave me the biggest hug ever, after doing a little dance around the kitchen we then actually read the results and as we scrolled down saw that we had won on 3 cakes we had submitted! The gluten/dairy free lime & coconut was awarded 2 gold stars, the gluten free sticky toffee pudding cake was awarded 2 gold stars and the gluten free taste of winter brownie was awarded 1 gold star. Due to what I believe is ingredient confusion of a cocoa nib being “shell like”, for those who aren’t aware a cocoa nib is one of the latest superfoods which is the shell of a cocoa pod and by the judges saying very nearly awarded a star I decided to activate the appeal process the result and fingers crossed we will know the result by mid-sept!!

Thank you for reading my giddy brain and its awesome to have your hard work, perfectionism and passion to create amazing cakes is recognised by The Guild of Fine Food and the Great Taste Awards are known as the oscars of the food world however the pressure is on for next year (although I think I know what I am going to enter)

Hayley x

Lisa King