Upcoming Events

Today is supposed to be a day off but anyone knows who owns, runs and manages their own business knows that these are rare and a day off baking usually gives my mind chance to regroup, reflect and generally plan what’s happening over the next few days, weeks and months!

I’m not sure about you guys but the Christmas word seems to be popping into peoples minds earlier and earlier each year or is that what the retail market is creating, I had Christmas events booked back in Spring/early summer of this year and subsequently have declined so many invitations to festive events, upon reflection of when I started the business and up until 18 months ago being able to be part of some amazing events felt like such a fight as what makes me different to other businesses having the same fight but people and the businesses I supply have been so incredibly supportive along this journey, so with that in mind I thought I would share where you can find all mine cakes from next weekend and the run up to Christmas 2015;

26th September- Southwell Ploughing Match & Show at Oxton

24th October- Bramley apple festival in the Southwell Minster

7th & 8th November- Fabulous Places Christmas Market at the Derby Roundhouse

15th November- Fabulous Places Walled Garden Christmas fair at Beeston

28th & 29th November- Newfield Ice cream Parlour & Café Christmas fair

3rd December- Southwell’s late night shopping event

6th December- Gonalston Farm Shop’s Christmas extravaganza

17th December- Last minute shopping event at The Hearty Goodfellow, Southwell

 We are also planning to do a Christmas tasting day at Gonalston Farm Shop in late November we are just working on confirming the date.

Whilst mooching through social media someone shared this and I wanted to share with you as to us independent businesses working from home, a workshop or manage a shop or business locally give our heart and soul into what we create, design and sell so instead of buying a gift of mass produced not made in the UK how about popping along to events which are happening all around you, The Southwell Scoop, Inside Southwell and other lovely people whom I have never met keep sharing local events and each others work so please support your local businesses this festive season!

 Thank you x

PS: A quick Great Taste Award update my no bake chocolate chia seed slice is being rejudged on the week commencing the 5th October so fingers crossed x

Lisa King