Exciting News

AARRGGHH, I am feeling a little frustrated as I have just written a blog about all mine cakes officially  receiving gluten free status on 25 cakes I have sent to be laboratory tested and its the first time I didn't copy it before publishing and its been posted as a blank and then in my vain attempts to find it posted a couple more blank posts so I am cursing weebly (although its my incompetence) but I have asked my very lovely IT support to help me remove the blank entries and hide the evidence and you never know the original post may magically appear? However to have a little update today I received an email to say the 25 cakes I sent away to be analysed have all come back as <5mg/kg (ppm) which is the current guidelines for foods to be labelled or classed as a gluten free food so feeling incredibly excited and proud as it gives everyone peace of mind from you the buyer to me the producer and worrying about have I unintentionally "glutened" you although every precaution is taken in the baking process as they are made in an environment which handles gluten. On my website there is a subheading of stockists where my cakes can be found or there is Friday cakes club. On a previous blog post I listed all of my upcoming events where you can find all mine cakes, hopefully see you soon?

ayley x

Lisa King