Christmas is Coming!

Gosh christmas is creeping up on us and with less than 8 weeks to go until the festivities so begin the christmas events, this weekend I can be found at Derby Roundhouse as part of Deb's from Fabulous Places Christmas Market, we can be found at stall number 24 with lots of delicious cake, as there is so much to list I thought it would be easier for you guys if I wrote a blog post with the choices available, there are a few options which only have a couple of slices due to the businesses I supply not having full batches, please reserve any cakes you may want, I have never been part of the christmas event but here it is amazing and very busy! There is only so much cake I can bake whilst supplying 5 businesses so please shout;

Traditional cakes- Bramley apple and blackberry crumble cakes
                                         Mars & Malteser slice
                                         Ferrero Rocher brownie
                                         A limited number of millionaire shortbread
                                         Christmas cake

Gluten free cakes- My award winning triple chocolate brownie
                                          Rolo brownie
                                          My award winning sticky toffee pudding cake
                                          Christmas cake
                                          Peanut M & M brownie
                                          Chocolate fudge cake
                                          A couple of slices of lemon curd cake
                                          A couple of mint chocolate chip cakes

Gluten & dairy free cakes- My award winning lime & coconut cakes
                                                           A limited number of triple chocolate brownie

Gluten, dairy & egg free- My award winning no bake chocolate chia seed slice

Hope to see you there, please say hello and introduce yourself if you follow or comment on my posts, its lovely to put faces to names plus we will be travelling in Little Pudding for everyone to enjoy as she loves being part of events

ayley x

Lisa King