Holidays are here!

So its the eve before christmas eve and amazingly I just finished washing the last baking tins and cake tubs, all the business orders have been delivered, reservations are waiting to be collected emergency cake messages and phone calls sorted (although unfortunately I couldn't help with one received this morning but tried to give a solution). Incredibly whilst on deliveries and going to Nottingham to see the two unofficial members of the All Mine Cakes team (my physiotherapists Carl & Jenny) I have managed to pick up the christmas dinner and trimmings so feeling really rather smug considering a week ago I was on the verge of having a mini meltdown as the to do list was enough to make you loose sleep but by organising, late nights and early starts we made it and thanks to my amazing assistant and chief cake taster my lovely husband. Some of you may have met him at one of the brilliant events we have been to in 2015 but without him the brownie and anything which requires a straight line whilst chopping simply wouldn't exist, I try my best, check, double check, commit and then when you have two very different sized pieces of cake you laugh but inside you want to cry as in the name of perfection you bake it again and either eat or sell the wonky bits at a discount in Friday cake club so I've learnt don't do it unless 100% necessary!! I have so many people to thank who have been part of the All Mine Cakes journey and made 2015 so so brilliant, to everyone who we have met at events during the year, the event organisers as so much work goes into creating events, to my loyal followers who support Friday cake club and pop along to every event we go to simply to say hello, have a chat and get their cake fix, to The Great Taste judges for awarding us 4 awards this year and I can very proudly say we are now multi-award winning little independent business, to the lovely local business owners and staff who are so lovely to us and have supported the brand, to those people who share, retweet, like, comment and give feedback on my social media posts because the more you like, comment etc the more especially Facebook release the pictures for more people to see on their timeline, to our friends,  family and Craig who have helped look after the family whilst we go to events and when life is so crazy help is required and anyone who knows me knows I am fiercely independent and don't ask for help unless I feel like I'm in quicksand, to my very kind friend who helped to organise the gluten free testing, its awesome that the 25 cakes I had tested passes with <5mg/kg ppm so we all can have peace of mind and certificates of proof, to the mechanic who helped sort out Little Puddings mischief and she now runs like a dream and simply anyone who has helped and supported All Mine Cakes....So what lies ahead for 2016? I have already received 6 emails asking to attend events however at this time we have only applied to go to Fabulous Places Spring Market on the 20th March and everything else I need to catch up with myself and the businesses to co-ordinate with their summer events.  I want to develop the brand to create All Mine Cakes creates Little Puddings so need to create the recipes, branding, logo's, work out if financially viable etc, expand the number of trading standard labels so can make more pre-packed cakes accessible to businesses, work on obtaining the cross-grain licence, update the website, have more gluten free recipes tested for gluten content and who knows what else may happen but until the 4th January 2016 we are having our annual more than one day off holiday whereby there is no social media, no 5am alarm clocks, far too much exploring and eating lovely food with my hubby and reset this wonky body which is desperate for a break as it doesn't work properly and baking exacerbates my symptoms but I love it, I have the amazing Jenny & Carl who are my lovely physiotherapists who without them I don't know how I could keep going! Okay so thats it from me for 2015 and see you in the new year, have an amazing festive time hopefully surrounded by friend, family with love and joy? Remember not to stress, it is what it is and you can only do your best, if it goes wrong or you burn something or can't buy a sprout simply improvise because you must remember to enjoy yourself, think sod it and pour another glass of wine! 

Merry Christmas everyone

Hayley x

Lisa King