Lets Create Some Little Puddings

Some of you who follow me on Facebook will know about an idea I have had for ages, how about creating some desserts/puddings? It was at the end of last year once my gluten free testing results had come back at <5mg/kg I started to think about the concept, did a bit of research and decided to develop a range of new products. So here's the background to the idea...As you know we have our beloved VW camper van called Little Pudding and I have always wanted to create a range of primarily gluten free desserts which you can cook at home and enjoy so hopefully you can see where this is going? All Mine Cakes is going to be developing and creating Little Puddings. The brand is now registered company therefore the range is going to be called All Mine Cakes creates Little Puddings, what do you think? Primarily I am going to focus on transferring existing award winning gluten free recipes into pudding so my 2 gold star sticky toffee pudding and my 1 gold star triple chocolate brownie so you can have comforting desserts on cold winter nights or whether you just fancy a treat. For those of you thinking well I don't need gluten free, have you actually tried one of my gluten free cakes? If I blind tasted you you wouldn't know any difference, the magic formula I have created after months of frustration and crying at the ovens (see one of my earlier blogs) bakes beautiful cakes which is why now 90% of my baking is gluten free which have been laboratory tested and I have certificates of proof. I was in the process of applying for the cross grain symbol but as I plan to have more cakes tested within the next few months I am holding off for the moment as it complicates the application and costings involved. So any of you who know me will know that when I have an idea I am like a dog with a bone, focus, focus, focus! So after many attempts to transfer the correct about of mixture, sauce allowing bubbling space when you guys cook it at home, tweaking recipe volumes so I can create a number of desserts from one mix without having a little left over I think I have cracked it for the gluten free sticky toffee pudding desserts, some lucky friends, family and supporters have been given the tester desserts with instruction how to cook etc. I am now working on storage, best before dates, methods of heating as its already cooked and excitingly thinking about the branding of the product. The reaction on by Facebook page has been phenomenal to the gluten sticky toffee pudding so with this in mind I am adding them to this weeks Friday cake club as I don't have a shop, they are not available in any retail outlets and its going to take time to have the calorie testing, packaging and everything sorted. After calculating ingredient cost, packaging costs, time for creating and overheads  my first creation from All Mine Cakes creates Little Puddings range which is the gluten free sticky toffee pudding introductory price will be Β£6.49 each.  The dessert serves 3-4 people, they are individually handmade in small batches to ensure each one is measured and weighed to be the same, they are a bespoke, gluten free, locally produced product made using my 2 gold star Great Taste Award winning recipe. I contacted The Guild of Fine food to see whether the award would be transferable but as thought because it is the same product i.e. the sponge & topping however as excludes the pecans and adjusted its presentation we will need to enter it into 2016. Anyone who needs to know allergen information it contains dairy, egg and nuts (ground almond). For those of you interested who are not local to Southwell, the puddings can be posted using Royal Mail first class post, there is an additional postage fee of Β£3.20 however I do not charge for the packaging as mindful of the cost. Any orders received will require payment to be received prior to the cakes being posted and you have my guarantee they will be sent out and you will received a message with a photograph of the postage receipt...How to store and reheat your dessert, preferably store in the refrigerator as it gives you a longer shelf life, to reheat using a microwave place a portion in a microwaveable safe bowl or plate and 25-30 seconds will be perfect, if you have more time and prefer a slightly stickier sauce and chewy edges, remove the sleeve & lid and  place on a baking tray in an 185oC oven for 20 mins until its bubbling, our serving suggestion is to add vanilla ice cream but if you prefer lashings of double cream or vanilla custard, enjoy x

Lisa King