Update of Exciting News

Gosh so much is happening in the world of All Mine Cakes, I'm trying to keep up with it all myself whilst keeping up with the baking! Where shall I start? For those of you who follow me or read my blog I have been having all of my gluten free cakes and bakes lab tested for peace of mind as the kitchen handles gluten and other allergens with the latest edition of my All Mine Cakes creates Little Puddings and brilliantly all 31 versions of cakes plus my 2 All Mine Cakes creates Little Puddings have passed with a gluten content of less than 5mg/kg....Late last year I mentioned about applying for the cross grain licence from Coeliac UK however upon further investigation and discussing with a lovely lady the costs involved were simply too expensive for such a small business, there is the annual fee for the licence, all cakes must be tested annually and a new action plan being implemented next year is that there is  a new inspection fee so with a heavy heart I had to acknowledge my limitations but hopefully I have given you guys with a gluten intolerance peace of mind when purchasing my cakes?...So my All Mine Cakes creates Little Puddings recipes are perfected, passed the testing, have had nutritional content completed (which we just giggle at as because if your having a treat do it properly which is reflected in the results) and I am working with Susie Huson, a local graphic designer to create a beautiful sleeve which we had a concept meeting  last night and its going to be truly beautiful, very reflective of  me and the brand, I can't wait to share them with you and excitingly a local award winning farm shop would like to stock them so its all systems go and hopefully will be available within the next month or so but I will keep everyone updated when they are launched. I found it incredible when Lisa from http://www.lisakingconsultancy.co.uk (whose business is marketing tailored specifically for small and independent businesss) contacted me asking if its okay to include me in a blog to inspire other independent businesses, my business is my passion (just ask my husband) and never thought I would potentially help others but I am more than happy because when I created All Mine Cakes there were limited resources available to help me, I just researched, analysed and guessed what I was doing, thankfully its been successful so really looking forward reading her blog.
In between this I am trying to organise an update for the website and have submitted my Great Taste Award 2016 entries whilst as I promised still achieving my daily walks although sometimes they are a little shorter than I would like! A final note is I want to say a huge thank you, there has been such an amazing reaction to my certificated gluten free status of my gluten free cakes and my cakes in general , over the last couple of months I have been contacted by an additional 5 businesses asking me to supply them All Mine Cakes however with the business just being me I am currently mulling over the business model and its future development...Happy baking everyone x x

Lisa King