More Gluten Free Recipe Experiments

How are you all keeping? Hopefully well and loving the hint of spring in the air and the warmth of the sun on your skin? All sorts of stuff going on with All Mine Cakes, we are currently trying to find a printer who can create my Little Pudding sleeves however in the meantime we have come up with a plan B to have them with me to the Fabulous Places Spring Market at Derby Roundhouse on the 20th March, if you are popping along we are positioned just inside the Roundhouse part of the building on the left hand side just up from the cash machine. I have been experimenting with a couple of new gluten free recipes, we have mastered fruit scones which were delicious smothered in clotted cream & strawberry jam, the debate is do you jam or cream first? A friend who has coeliac disease recently discovered a ready to roll block of gluten free puff pastry and after a master class in how to make them unfortunately they didn't work out to her expectation so began a conversation about gluten free sausages and I had some I was going to try so subtly a block of this pastry arrived in the porch so began the making of gluten free sausage rolls. All Mine Cakes prides itself on making as much as possible from scratch however was curious about this pastry so began the creation of said sausage rolls, after posting a picture on my Facebook page numerous people have asked for the recipe, to be honest there isn't much to it, all you need is a flat baking tray covered in greaseproof paper, tuck the loose sides underneath the tray so its tidy. The gluten free ready to roll block of puff pastry is by a company called Silly Yak (picture posted on my timeline) which can be purchased through Tesco Superstores (locally to me it was Mansfield Oaktree but you maybe able to buy via an online shop to save you hunting various local Tesco's), its chilled not frozen, I used a packet of The Black Farmer gluten free sausages and an egg, optional to add sesame seeds for decoration. Heres how to create them. Importantly keep the pastry in the fridge whilst you prepare the other ingredients. Pre-heat your oven to 180oC, wash your hands and crack the egg into a bowl, whisk so the yolks & white are mixed, in another bowl remove the sausages from the skins so you just have the meat, wash your hands. The pastry is a little gooey the more its worked so heres the secret, place a covering of GF flour on to the surface you are going to be rolling out your pastry also coat your rolling pin, remove the pastry from the fridge, cut the block in half and return one half back to the fridge to keep it chilled. Gentle roll out you pastry so its around the thickness of a £1.00 coin and roughly in a rectangle shape (this half needs to make 3 sausage rolls so visualise the size of a sausage in length and diameter with a little extra for folding), when you have approximately the right size trim the edges so tidy and slice horizontally into 3 equal pieces, rate the pastry so its in portrait i.e like a card, egg wash the top and bottom edge, place sausage meat approximately the middle so when you cover the sausage with pastry the edges meet, the egg helps seal the pastry, sausage can be sticking out the edges to create crispy bits, after you create each sausage roll with a sharp knife score lines along the top and transfer onto baking tray leaving even spaces to allow for cooking, wash your hands again and repeat with other half of the pastry in the fridge, ensure still a covering of GF flour else it sticks to the work surface, repeat until you have 6 sausage rolls. Egg wash all over the sausage rolls, add sesame seeds if wanted and then place in an oven for 35-40 mins until golden, obviously everyones oven are different so I would be tempted to check them at 30 mins and guesstimate roughly how much longer you may need, they don't have to look perfect, they can be wonky but give them a go and hopefully opens a door on a yummy food you can re-enjoy if you have a gluten intolerance or allergy

Happy weekend baking and good luck sourcing the GF ready to roll puff pastry, I would love to see pictures of your creations

Hayley x

Lisa King