Sorry, it's been a while but we have some exciting news!

Good morning folks, sorry it been a while since I last posted a blog however not long after the Spring Market my mum was taken suddenly ill and passed away just before Easter and so as I am sure you can appreciate I have been distracted with all of the feelings, emotions & organising which comes with a funeral whilst continuing to run the business and maintain a normal shop window. However in-between everything we have been desperately trying to finalise the design, creating of the packaging and finalising the All Mine Cakes creates Little Puddings project and I am incredibly proud to say we have achieved it, a huge thank you to Susie a local graphic designer ( and Richard from Zebra Print Media, another local printing business based in Norwell ( for all their help, none of us realised what a beast of a project this would become however I am very proud to announce that my All Mine cakes creates Little Puddings launch day is the 30th April 2016 at Gonalston Farm shop, a local award winning farm shop, if you have 2 minutes have a peep at their website, the Little Puddings which have been created are gluten free melt in the middle chocolate brownie pudding and a gluten free sticky toffee pudding.

For those of you who are wondering so what are these Little Puddings? Let me fill you in on the story of All Mine Cakes....When you set out on your adventure of starting a new business you never really know where the journey will take you, with me let me take you back to a couple of years ago in the earlier days when myself & my hubby were talking one Saturday night about how I could go to events but be different, unique and just a little bit quirky, the next day we were driving to a local country park and as we drove past a classic car garage (Sherwood Restoration on the Upton road) there was our answer, a beautiful 1969 fully restored yet original VW Westfalia camper van, she was the colour of my logo and we fell in love! As with all things she needed a name as she certainly has a personality  and after asking my customers and Facebook followers what we should call her the name Little Pudding was suggested and so was born All Mine Cakes and Little Pudding....She has been on may cake adventures with us, she has a fully branded awning and everything you need to go to an event. So you can probably see where this is going however I will continue the story but my idea was one day to create not just cakes maybe a few puddings or desserts however when the time was right and so you continue with the day to day management and running of the business. As some of you maybe aware I have in total won 5 Great Taste Awards. In 2014 I won a gold star for my gluten free triple chocolate brownie & in 2015 won 2 gold stars for my gluten free sticky toffee pudding cake, as 85-90% of my baking is now gluten free however as my kitchen handles gluten and other allergens, although all precautions were taken to avoid cross contamination I wanted peace of mind for you guys so invested in having 31 varieties of cake laboratory tested and once perfected the recipes 2 Little Puddings for gluten content which I am very proud to say all passed with flying colours, their score was less than 5mg/kg and to put that into context Coeliac UK guidelines are less than 20mg/kg so they can officially be label gluten free and I have the certificates issued by the laboratories should anyone want to have a peek? So now the little seed which was planted in my mind started to grow and I noticed a gap in the market for a proper scrummy dessert or pudding for those with an intolerance to gluten and so the process begun, firstly what varieties should I choose, I opted for existing loved and award winning recipes so hence the GF melt in the middle chocolate brownie pudding which is literally chocolatey, gooey yumminess and served with vanilla icecream is divine or GF sticky toffee pudding with gorgeous sticky naughtiness, anyone who has tried my cakes know I don't do things by halves, if your having a treat make it a proper treat (just look at the nutritional information!). After contacting The Guild of Fine Food who organise The Great Taste Awards although they are already award winning product I have to re-enter them into 2016 as they are presented differently and are puddings instead of cakes so finger crossed I can pop one of those magic gold star stickers on the packaging in Summer when the results are out. However in the meantime its taken near enough 4 months to complete, there have been a lot of late nights working with my designer, so many emails you get confused not to mention the stress of trying to find a printer who will help with your concept and create the image we all had in mind. I have an exacting eye for detail which thankfully so did my team, I also need to thank Ben, Susie's husband for his input including researching of barcodes and all the food packaging market research taking over their conservatory , to Amy my number 1 cake fan and buttercream leftover eater who has helped organise all the lab testing, sorting of certificates of proof plus organising the nutritional content, not to forget Caite who double checked all my ingredients labelling was correct in order to conform with trading standards in exchange for cake, to George and her team at Gonalston Farm Shop for allowing me to retail them within her farm shop, my hubby who has helped with making endless cups of tea, stress management, cutting of the temporary sleeves so we could take them to the Spring Market whilst product testing far too many cakes and desserts and of course to you guys for believing in me and All Mine cakes, so if you fancy sampling some Little Puddings I am at Gonalston on the launch day on a tasting day Saturday 30th April (this Saturday coming of the Bank Holiday weekend), theres also a big green egg demo that day so been more yumminess to sample whilst you mooch around the shop

Many thanks as always

Hayley  x  x

Lisa King