Plans for February

Saying goodbye is never easy however family,  friends and everyone who attended to give tribute to Carmen were surrounded by such raw emotion and disbelief  yet full of love, beauty,  memories and laughter whilst the sun shone beautifully through the stained glass windows of Southwell Minster on the 28th January 2016 and the gathering afterwards at the Parlour was like the good old days being part of the team weaving my way through the crowds helping to keep them fed and watered, giggling along the way whilst making myself feeling slightly sick eating too much of my favourite florentine ice cream which again was like the old days because after all the cleaning was done at the end of the busy day we had a scoop of ice cream as a thank you whilst sitting on the benches outside enjoying the beautiful summers evenings, memories and dreams of the future. So today is the 1st February 2016, the nights are slowly starting to drawing out and there is the hint of Spring in the air, this week I am busily organising and planning round 3 of my gluten free laboratory testing. Firstly my award GF sticky toffee pudding cake and GF award winning triple chocolate brownie have to retested although they are the same recipes for my All Mine Cakes creates Little Puddings however as they are puddings not cakes so the certificates will not be representative when I apply to Coeliac UK for the cross grain licence plus these are going to have nutritional content analysed for their packaging so when that information is back I may slightly get the giggles as my cakes are created how I think they should be made never really considering the calories or fat content within them, someone once said to me if your going to have calories have good ones, so I'm sticking with that!! Other cakes going for gluten content testing are my GF white chocolate, pistachio & sesame blondie, GF white chocolate & cranberry blondie, GF chocolate hazelnut cakes, GF rhubarb & custard cakes plus my GF coffee & walnut cakes so you can guess some of the choices available in this weeks Friday cake club. As February is the month about love and romance I am currently planning on all things chocolate and strawberry related although I'm hoping this year I'm not driving to every supermarket possible trying to buy some beautiful fruits instead of those awful ones with the white top as all extra special, taste the difference and luxury ranges weren't available online or in store, I was on the verge of tears after spending hours driving around on the hunt for All Mine Cakes strawberries but in shear desperation, blind whirlwind of stress eventually I found some at 9am on the day before, nearly did a little dance and finally my heart stopped racing, fingers crossed with the warmer weather this winter all will be fine

ayley x

Lisa King