3 Years Old Today!

Incredibly All Mine Cakes was launched 3 years ago today thanks to a phone call by the lovely Carmen who sadly is no longer with us & her partner in crime Adrian. I have said to them both many times that by asking me to bake cakes for Newfield icecream Parlour & café they gave me the opportunity for my dream to become a reality! Never did I realise where this journey would take me, to be multi-award winning is something in itself however the support and following I have from you guys and the businesses I supply is incredible, as an independent business we tuck ourselves away in our kitchen, study, conservatory or shed and busily we beaver away trying to make a difference, be unique and simply be discovered, social media is an amazing platform as we don’t have an official shop window on the high street however by creating a website, attending local events and simple word of mouth by lovely followers, supporters and people with the same passion in life allow us to grow. You have a dream and I have been incredibly fortunate on my journey, to have been in the right place at the right time, winning The Great Taste Awards but with the motto well if I don’t enter I will never win, meeting and falling in love with our VW camper van Little Pudding, seeing a gap in the market for quality, delicious gluten free cakes and the hours and tears whilst creating the magic formula and them passing the lab testings for gluten content, to the recently launched Little Puddings range whilst having my best friend by my side letting me bounce ideas, worries, stress and multiple recipe discussions whilst being my chopping buddy, chief taster and glamorous assistant for events. To anyone thinking of setting up a business, juggling it along side your “proper job” as people call it, keep chipping away at your dream, its bloody hard work but given time things suddenly start to change and people discover your work! Others may try to copy your success or use your work as their own however remain focused and do your own thing, be a trend setter, have confidence in your pricing (who am I kidding I still work everything out to the penny and have a morale debate about can I charge that but I need to pay myself something however I’m a little more confident although still hate it!) and when things get tough when you are still working at 11pm, exhausted wondering if its worth it, the answer is yes.  I get asked so many times how did you start up and what do I need to do? Every business if different and I am not saying my way is or was the right way however its has worked for All Mine Cakes, sometimes luck has been involved other times hours researching the internet or mooching around just watching how other businesses work, you start by building your own foundation of knowledge, do your research whilst creating your own business model & ethos, what is your competition locally, ingredient pricing or any equipment you may require and where do you want to retail your creations whilst constantly evaluating yourself and reflecting on your progress….I’m not sure if this will be of any help to anyone but I’m feeling reflective, who knows where we may be in 12 months time? At the moment life is flying by and yes sometimes we feel out of control and the deliberation of employing staff creeps into my mind but I’m a girl who lives by a list, can be a little controlling and over focused, just ask my hubby!! 

Lisa King