An Update of All Mine Cakes

Time, time, time…. Where does it go? The weeks fly by and incredibly it’s the Fabulous Places Summer Market at Derby Roundhouse in 9 days, my cupboards are bulging at the seams in preparation, I’m collecting 300 free range eggs tomorrow and have delivery passes for home deliveries to all supermarkets for extra fresh produce such as butter, cream & probably sugar! Saying that I’m not decided on what to take although as always usually about 3-4 varieties brownie, Mars & Malteser slice but then the I start to struggle as want to take everything but as space is limited do I take ones that people love or do you take new cakes for people to try? As always there will be mainly gluten free choices with several dairy free (and GF combined) options plus a selection of odds & sods based upon the cakes baked for the businesses I supply…This year I have decided to limit the number of events I attend simply due to there’s only so much one person can do (with help from a glamorous assistant), I love being at events, meeting people and jabbering away however last year I learnt a tough lesson and unknown to you guys I started to loose my motivation and love for cakes so had a chat to myself, regrouped and decided to priortise simply to avoid burnout, obviously attending events being held by the businesses I supply who are so supportive and brilliant, to local events such as the Southwell Ploughing Match and Bramley Apple Food & Drink festival and of course being invited to join Deb at her events is amazing. Its so hard to decline offers and invitations to go to events simply because you look back to when you first started and all you wanted was for someone to accept your application, to be part of an event, to get your brand known but my journey has been more than I ever could have hoped for when I decided to leave the NHS, other big events are so expensive to attend that the numbers simply don’t work however its awesome to be invited. As I mentioned I will be at the Fabulous Places Summer Market at Derby Roundhouse on the 2nd & 3rd July, of course with Little Pudding, she helping with the VIP guests again which makes me so proud, she’s simply a beautiful original fully restored 1969 VW camper who we adore, have a peep at the Fabulous Places website  The other local event we are part of  is at Hollybeck Nurseries on the Oxton Road just outside Southwell on the 16th & 17th July, I supply the GF and DF cakes to the Topiary tearoom and it’s such a lovely little event full of local suppliers.
There’s all sorts of news to update you on, without going into the details my Little Pudding sleeves have had a makeover, I never knew embarking on creating a range of puddings would be so stressful, well the only stressful element has been the creating the packaging, I feel a little older and couldn’t possibly cope without my hubby and friend Susie from Susie Huson Designs who have been amazing because there has been many a tear, conversation and discussion over a cuppa however the printing team we are currently working with have been brilliant at managing my anxiety, worry, tears and exacting standards whilst rebuilding my confidence and trust yet explaining things for the umpteenth time as to what is matt laminate, high gloss, foiling, wet proof, Epsom proof, cutter.. Its like me talking baking powder and xanthan gum!
Excitingly today I heard that my latest batch of gluten free testing of the cakes have passed with flying colours, which makes my range at 38 cakes and 2 Little Puddings with new recipes always being created…. Added to the range are GF fruit scones, GF after eight mint brownie, my GF raw brownie bites, GF white chocolate & raspberry cakes, GF white chocolate & blueberry cakes with cinnamon streusel, GF chocolate cakes with mini eggs and GF crème egg brownie and just waiting for the certificates to add to my portfolio I take to events so you guys can have peace of mind.
As my eyes are going blurry and really fancy a cup of tea, I am going to say good night and thank you for all your support, comments, follows, likes and retweets on social media and being part of the All Mine Cakes world of all things cakey x x

Lisa King