Sorry, it's been a while!

Good morning peeps, I'm sorry its been a while writing a blog update but for those of you who follow me on my Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram hopefully you keep up with whats happening in the world of All Mine Cakes? So the majority of the summer events are done, it so lovely to be out there meeting and chatting to you guys and hopefully the word of what I create and giving those with dietary intolerances and allergies a choice is getting out there to the world? One lovely lady who I had never met before at one of the events asked "Do you know about that cake lady around this area which offers gluten and dairy free options? It's amazing!" and then you have that incredibly proud, your heart fills your chest and you calmly say "thats me" whilst inside your dancing which makes the incredibly long days worth every second! My next event is the amazing local Southwell Ploughing Match on the 24th September, this year its at Farnsfield (just outside Southwell) and its an absolutely brilliant day out, put the date in your diary. Other news, All Mine Cakes are great supporters of local business and local produce, some of you will have seen that we now supply The Real Milk Company who are based in Halam, almost the next village to us, they have an awesome milk shed whereby you drive to the farm, park up just up the drive, grab a bottle and dispense your own milk from their milk vending machine, the milk cannot be any fresher, the cows are in the field next to the shed, they also offer Hambleton Bakery bread and cakes, they have their own brand of ice cream which is made using their milk, free range eggs from the farm and All Mine Cakes award winning GF triple chocolate brownies, meringues (which are gluten & dairy free) plus traditional Portuguese tarts made using their whole milk & free range eggs, its all self service with an honesty box. In-between the baking I am in the process of working with Susie from Susie Huson Designs to re-design my logo simply as when we created my Little Pudding packaging we redesigned the logo and as I love it so much its expanding across all labels plus we are creating more labels which conform with trading standards so on the days when I can't be in Country Home Interiors on the Saturday with my pop up shop you guys can have more choice. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in this years Great Taste Awards 2016, it felt like your heart was pulled out your chest, kicked around a bit and then handed back but once I had got my perspective back because taste is so so subjective I decided to appeal one of the results as my GF sticky toffee pudding won 2 gold stars last year but the identical recipe however in a silver tray instead of a muffin paper was unsuccessful and the comments were poles apart so those of you who know me will know I'm a fighter especially when I'm passionate about something so you never know, I'm not expecting anything but my appeal last year for my no bake chocolate chia seed slice was successful after confusion over the texture of a cocoa nib....Totally not cake related but those who do follow me will know about our Moorhen family with their tiny chicks we have in the garden, we are incredibly lucky to be near a stream and the family have been feeding from our multiple bird feeders, peanut trays etc which is magical however earlier this week one of the babies has a floppy dysfunctional, twisted leg so hops along (he's fondly called hopplepopple), initially he was so weak and kept falling over but his family were still supporting them, we called the local vet who would put them to sleep and 2 local bird charities didn't return our calls so plan save the baby moorhen was commenced, as they have to come across the garden to feed at their favourite place we now 3 times a day go out and throw bashed up peanuts under the ferns next to the stream so he doesn't have to hop as far, day by day you could see him becoming stronger and adapting but as we hadn't seen him the last couple of days we thought a cat may have got him or he his leg had become septic or he was hypovolemic due to all the blood doing to his leg as swollen (honestly nursing never leaves you!) but this morning he returned to the garden and honestly we are so so happy he's still alive and kicking, yes I may sound like a crazy bird lady, yes I am but lets not get onto the hedgehog discussion, may be we need a holiday? Well we do need a holiday and after deciding to bite the bullet, be brave, you've not had 4 hopefully 5 days off in Summer for over 3 years and the businesses will be fine, we have booked a long weekend away the the beautiful Ford House in Norfolk next week, my aim to be be totally finished by the time Bake Off starts on Wednesday evening and thats me until the following Tuesday so theres not cake club next week but the businesses I supply with have absolutely loads of cake to keep you guys in stock, we are turning off the internet, social media, skype, emails and properly switching off whilst we explore and enjoy the beautiful Norfolk so if anyone should message or call me I'm giving the heads up as to why I won't be returning your reply until Tuesday after the BH Monday and for any burglar bills thinking we will have an empty house, we won't, we have my husbands folks house sitting, looking after our cat and wildlife sanctuary of a garden plus there is an alarm and CCTV, sorry to disappoint ...I'm guessing you may be a little bored of my update and crazy ramblings so I'm signing out for now and thank you as always for all your support, its truly amazing  x x

Lisa King