Too Much Choice

What to choose for this weeks Friday cake club choices & Southwell Ploughing Match? To be honest I always want to take everything as everyone has their favourites….It goes without saying that their will be various gluten free brownie options including my award winning GF triple choc brownie, GF nutella brownie with hazelnut nibbles and GF rolo brownie and as always my GF/DF version.  There will also be the choice of my award winning GF/DF lime and coconut cake plus my award winning no bake chocolate chia seed slice…So here are the other confirmed choices- my traditional mars & malteser slice, millionaire shortbread and bramley apple cakes (both all contain gluten). The odds and sods selection as of time of writing are GF/DF carrot cake, GF coffee & walnut, GF lemon curd cake slices, traditional bakewell tart, GF rolo cakes and GF peanut M & M brownie however these numbers will be limited so if tempted please reserve! Now is where I keep changing my mind as I would love to take GF white chocolate and blueberry cakes with cinnamon streusal, GF bakewell tart however time may not be on my side with all the baking, chopping, pot washing, packing and supplying 6 local businesses but as you guys know I will give it everything I mentally and physically because last years the Southwell Ploughing Match was so so amazing and the Friday cake club prior to the event was incredible
opefully see you there x x

Lisa King