Today is our 4th Birthday!

As the kitchen is toasty warm after having the ovens kicking out heat for 4 hours I decided to update my personal blog about the development, hurdles and news of creating the tearoom. I started back in October 2016 and is a fabulous reference to see how far we have come and still how so far we have to go to create the dream however because we are so buried in everything I have just realised that today is All Mine Cakes 4th birthday, from when I launched my little cake baking business with the support of Carmen, Adrian, Anne and John at Newfield Iceream Parlour & Café. I have so much to thank them for, some of you know the story of how the business developed but it was all down having a Saturday job with them whilst I was still nursing in the NHS and a conversation about an Easter Simnel cake. As my family love the fruity marzipan cake I was saying about how I had made one as I have been baking for years, making my own recipes and I was asked to make one for them, not long afterwards I received a phone call one evening whilst Si was away on a foreign business trip asking to bake cakes for their business and so the huge opportunity was given for me to transform my life long daydream into a reality and the rest is history. The business has grown beyond my wildest dreams, I simply hoped to bake great cakes and for people to enjoy them, now to be typing this saying I am a multi-award winning business who is also a Great Taste Food producer, who specialises in gluten free and free from cakes enabling those of you with food allergies, intolerances or life style choices to enjoy a delicious treat whilst supplying 5 awesome local businesses and trying to create my own tearoom in the most beautiful location is unbelievable, to have fallen in love with a VW camper van called Little Pudding, to have the support and love from my hubby, friends, family, my physio crew and you guys is incredible, the name is known throughout the UK and I send postal orders all over the country….To whatever the time line for the tearoom which is still under development because there is so much stuff behind the scenes, I have had to say to myself that it will be ready when its ready because when we open we need to be ready to hit the ground running and hopefully never stop! The whole process at times can be a little over whelming, at the moment it remains still me and Si planning and co-ordinating from the All Mine Cakes perspective but I am lining the troops ready to go, go, go when its time, from all the wholesalers, products and ingredients which will be in there, to recruiting the team, to sourcing pretty tables and chairs, to ensuring I conform with environmental health, building regulations, HR and doing it properly, no cutting of corners or fudging it, I have the interior design within my mind and its finding the decoration which reflects me and the brand yet being mindful you are on a budget and need a contingency fund to support the business within the first year, to be able to ensure you can pay your staff and wholesalers because this is one big unknown and all this whilst running the business however I promise you whenever it may open, be it later this year or Spring 2018 it will be worth the wait and simply the most beautiful place to enjoy delicious food, cake and refreshments, I wish I could share everything with you however that would spoil the surprise! Happy Birthday All Mine Cakes and a huge thank you to everyone because without your support this not so little adventure wouldn’t be where we are today and to whatever magic the future holds x

Lisa King