Who Say's You Can't Eat Pancakes?

Who doesn't love pancakes? The annual discussion we have in our household is why do we mainly only eat them on Shrove Tuesday? Probably because my husband can happily eat 14 of them in one sitting where as I struggle to finish just a couple!! Whether your preferred choice of topping is lemon, orange, sugar, well known chocolate hazelnut spread which is a bit like a love hate thing however I can attack a jar of Nutella happily with a spoon however new, healthier alternatives are becoming available on the market which are palm oil and nut free such as Tiptree chocolate spread or a lower in sugar Sweet Freedom choc shots or fruit syrups, golden syrup, fresh fruit you could even go savoury if you don't have a sweet tooth? As those of you who know me or follow me on the wonderful world of social media I like to give choice, no matter what your food allergy, intolerance or dietary preference may be so lets not limit pancake day to just gluten containing, I openly admit egg free maybe more of a challenge but there is that fabulous egg replacement conversion chart (just google the last 4 words) and it opens doors, we can do a dairy free and gluten free version, simply substitute the butter for either pure sunflower spread or coconut oil and use a milk alternative such as almond milk and use a gluten free flour, all my baking uses Doves free from flour, yes it maybe a little more expensive versus shop own version but to me and my baking it works, fancy a tip? If you shop online via Ocado and have a delivery pass you can get it for £1.53 a bag versus £1.75 in supermarkets, its a saving of 22p per bag and with the amount of either GF plain or self-raising flour I go through to quote Tesco or is it Asda but every little helps!! A recipe can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it so I'm opting for the easiest way to make you pancakes

here are loads of pancake recipes on the internet and cookbooks but this is our tired and much loved recipe which is simple, the ingredients you need are;

4 free range eggs
400mls semi-skimmed milk (or dairy free alternative)
150ml of water
220g gluten free plain flour
1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum (in the freeform aisle in shops) 
A pinch of salt (optional)
Butter (or free from alternative for cooking)
Topping choice of whatever you fancy!


Measure out all the ingredients, combine to flour, xanthan gum and salt and sieve into a large bowl, add your eggs and start whisking either using a hand whisk or electric whisk, slowly add small amounts of the milk and water (a little at a time) and keep whisking, gently, it may be lumpy but everything will be mixed together so don't worry, take it slowly as to not get mixture everywhere and you will end up with a mixture which has the consistency of single cream. Get your frying pan at the ready (we like to keep them warm in the oven as we make them, just use a baking tray, some pieces of greaseproof paper and keep stacking them up until you run out of mixture), depending on the size of your pan will affect the amount of mixture you need...I think we have all made pancakes? Do you want me to guide you how to cook them? To be honest other than adding some of your butter or dairy free alternative to a hot pan until its just sizzling, adding enough mixture to the pan after you have tilted the pan around so evenly covered, once coloured be brave to have a go flipping (here comes the health & safety warning, be careful, supervise children and over eager adults) or use a spatula to turn them and once done either add to the oven stack or serve with a topping of your choice, I hope this is enough detail? I don't want to teach you guys how to suck eggs but if not sure just nip onto the BBC GoodFood website and read the technique! 

Lisa King