Let's Do This!

o the majority of our festive events are done, this decision was made earlier in the year simply because we need to focus on the tearoom and not knowing where we would be on this journey when people start asking you to apply for a stall, the one festive jolly event remaining is the Festive Tasting Event at Gonalston Farm Shop on the 2nd December when my festive range which will be available in store can be sampled to help plan your Christmas treats (not to mention lots of other yumminess which will be on tasting) however now its all focus on project tearoom because the diggers are soon going to be arriving to start removing the banking and start laying the foundations for the extension, I have architects asking for plug socket points which  made me have a little nervous giggle because we have the final kitchen drawing but depending on the budget and whether we are successful with our grant application, it may change everything and front of house well, lets not discuss what works best with the flow of ordering, table plans, clean to dirty to all the security requirements, internet access, oh the list is endless however I suddenly feel very excited for the future because you guys are with us, some of you who have spoken to us in details of our vision are like giddy kippers, some have cried others have given me a hug so sometimes in life you have to grab an opportunity with both hands and run with it, I don’t want to be sat in 5 years time wishing I had given it a go, yes I don’t work properly but I am not going to let that stop us which is where the support of the amazing team I am going to create comes in, I am a great believer in team work. I have a lovely HR lady waiting for me to say “lets recruit”, the tearoom requires a manager, supervisor, chef, cake baker (yes I am going to teach someone to bake All Mine Cakes), baristas, waiting staff, pot washers and because I can’t build this thing alone I am watching the build development progress for when to begin with the manager and cake baker because I am currently a one man band (with a little help from my hubby), with building and project managing the dream, teaching and  perfecting the baking is going to take time especially because I need to learn the timings for the new professional catering ovens and on the demo day we went to the sponges cooked 5 mins quicker & huge slabs of brownie around 3-4 mins however the texture needs to be perfected and all this whilst supplying cakes to the local businesses I supply….Unfortunately I have had to make the decision not to stand at Country Home Interiors with my little pop up shop on Saturdays, they are very kindly continuing to be an All Mine Cakes stockist and collection point for Friday cake club reservations, I have such a laugh and love being in there however the weeks are flying by and how can it be 5 weeks to Christmas Day today? I am not feeling at all festive but have decided I am finishing the baking and last cake collections is on the 22nd December to give us chance to organise our own festive celebrations as I am hosting and my Christmas order book has gone insane so as of today the Christmas order book is closed, if I am a little quieter with my social media posts its simply because I am building the dream, I have meeting after meeting starting to build in my diary, I see pretty things and have to have a chat with myself as to whether its needed or where it could possibly go plus we have the new discussion of do we have a takeaway? As that is the price of a chair!! So that’s the latest update, some of you may see me stressed, in my own world and receive verbal diarrheoa because I need to get all the stuff out my head just to clarify that I think I am doing is right, this is going to be a rollercoaster however we will always have the motto of “if you build it, they will come”

Lots of love Hayley  x x

Lisa King