Just A Little Update

Very excitingly we recently announced that we had been granted planning permission to convert a fishing lodge based in Maythorne, just outside the historical town of Southwell, Nottinghamshire into a multi-award tearoom. My plan is to keep everyone updated with its progress via blog posts on my website and day-to-day happens via my social media pages. As I said on my latest blog we are absolutely overwhelmed by your amazing support and excitement for our adventure and as I have said numerous times over the years this doesn’t work without you guys!! With this in mind, I have been asked several questions and had numerous enquiries for job applications, as the timeline for opening is potentially late Summer to early Autumn 2017, at this time we can’t be more specific but I have promised many people we will keep you updated with its progess. I am not in a position to employ staff at the moment but due to such interest you can register your interest, up load your CV in absolute confidentiality and tell me about yourself we have added an email address of hello@allminecakes.co.uk, I have my IT tech support currently creating another header on my website which will create a new page and have an automatic link to this email address but wanted to just let you know of this address.
This is one heck of a roller coaster ride, thankfully my hubby is keeping me calm and holding my sweaty palm as we overcome each element of the build.  I’m keeping a private blog diary so I can look back in the future and remember what was involved, the hurdles, the elations, the problem solving and people are already trying to visit the tearoom, on the 24th April I was walking the girls down the lane towards the fields and they pulled over asking "Do you know where All Mine Cakes tearoom is?", how to feel giddy, excited, frightened and shocked all at the same time because I have to keep telling myself, this is really happening!! My main challenge is trying to run the business with baking and everyday stuff whilst writing numerous emails, having meetings, trying to see up wholesale contracts and ensuring I adhere to all regulations involved with the building construction, layout and staff employment legislation but we are learning, slowly but surely, often my brain is fried but the sense of satisfaction and achievement as another thing ticked off the list but another 10 are added however once everything is done I will be able to stand back proudly and say “we did that!”. You guys will know that I wear my heart on my sleeve however this simply a passion to achieve a life long dream and you guys are on this journey with me and again we say a huge thank you for your support x x

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Lisa King