Fabulous Places Summer Menu

Incredibly, it is almost time for the Fabulous Places Summer Market at Derby Roundhouse, for those of you who are not familiar with these events they are truly beautiful and we love being one of Deb’s stallholders because it is such a lovely day out for everyone who is involved or visits. Just some of the prettiness includes obviously cake, fresh flowers, gifts, bakeries, interior shops, stationary to name but a few however its that time when we need to start preparing the list of which cakes we are going to take with us, its always such a difficult one because everyone has their favourites so for this one I have come up with a different idea and if you guys could please give me heads up of any reservations because all these options will be available in Friday cake club and some may just be one tray baked so potentially some may be running low if not sold out prior to Sunday, if I know your reservations in advance I can in turn bake more of that variety to avoid disappointment so here’s my idea; I am going to bake each variety of my much loved brownies so GF triple chocolate brownie, GF rolo brownie, GF after eight brownie, GF nutella brownie, GF peanut M & M brownie, GF salted caramel brownie, GF toblerone brownie, GF/DF chocolate orange brownie, GF/DF chocolate hazelnut brownie, GF/DF triple chocolate brownie plus the new vegan & GF chocolate pecan brownie. In addition to this I am also mindful how you guys also love my free from cakes so hopefully it maybe a sunny day I love using seasonal ingredients I am planning on taking GF rhubarb & custard cakes, my award winning GF/DF lime & coconut cake and GF lemon curd cakes…So what do you think? For my own self indulgence I will also be creating some of my Mars & Malteser slice which contains most of the other allergens I try to exclude for you guys however my reward will be one of these naughties….There is so much more I could bake however my table is just 3 metres but we the additional side table where we squeeze in another bits & bobs crate, this is when there are just 1 or 2 of a variety remaining, obviously those of you who visit us can have a little update about the tearoom development and all the bits going on behind the scenes however unfortunately as much as we hoped to be open later this year there is so so much involved with the building, with the additional planning application and trying to coordinating everything whilst not feeling like its just one big rush, we want this to be perfect, brilliant and beautiful as we only get one chance to do it right and so to help keep me sane its ready when its ready however we are hoping to be open in Spring 2018 but as always we will keep you guys up to date with its development and progress
See you soon,
Hayley  x

Lisa King