What Motivates You?

`What motivates you?’ What gives you the lets do this fire in your belly feeling? Is it financial reward and cash in the bank which to be honest being a small business how many of us are actually earning the minimum wage? Be honest if you calculated from the moment you started the day to actually stopping, I mean to the actual last email or FB message received? We often work 15 hour days from around 5am kitchen clean downs and turning the ovens on with maybe a 5 minute break to eat a bowl of cereal whilst cakes are baking but forcing myself to stop because I am hungry and feel a little funky, to a having a 15 minute lunch break and where possible stick to the 30 minute fresh air break with my hubby and the girls to usually finally finishing the chopping and tin washing by 19.30pm, is it the love of what you do, the dream you are trying to build and determination to create something which doesn’t exist? Is it the simple but most rewarding thing of a smile, a kind word, a hug from a complete stranger, to bumping into a post lady who I had never met before in the post office who overheard a conversation about free from cakes going to London and realised I was All Mine Cakes and she had posted on my timeline that morning! To overcoming blueberries not tasting blueberry enough, often feeling not the best because your body is your enemy at times yet still going until everything is done on your to do list and being so frightened that the tearoom could destroy me in a day but having the reassuring voice of my hubby saying we will create an awesome team who will support you and share your passion. Is it being far too excited when I discover a new free from product which could be brilliant within the tearoom and secretly having a happy dance and being like an excited child on Christmas morning when the postie arrives with them although I see my hubby’s heart sink thinking ‘she’s going to be gluten-freeing me again’ but nobody is as critical of free from creations than myself and Si because our vision is for food to be so brilliant and delicious you can’t tell whether its free from or not! But then what keeps you motivated because its tough out there in retail, yes we all like a bargain but internet shopping doesn’t have the overheads of small independent businesses, when you over hear people say it will be cheaper in a certain superstore or take a photo to look online without considering the postal charge, the customer service, the shopping experience….People don’t quibble in the superstore which creates the annual Christmas advert (you know the one) for a discount or bat an eyelid at the coffee prices in some big coffee chains but to the small independents trying to pay their staff, put food on the table not satisfy the fat cats and shareholders this is an everyday occurrence, an expectation however I totally and utterly appreciate this is also budget related, the uncertainty of brexit, trying to spend wisely we all do it, everyone is guilty of loving  a bargain but when the high street has gone, its gone….The impact on local communities and local jobs is huge and will only be realised once another shop closes or another member of staff is made redundant because the business owner has to let them go….Did you know when you run a business the overheads include rent, business rates, liability insurance, electricity, wages inc work based pension & NI, a license to play music in the shop, the stock on the shelves, the bank fee for every time you pay by card and the monthly rental for the little machine we all use however we run independent businesses for the love, the passion to make a difference and this is why I think All Mine Cakes evolved to be free from and especially focusing on creating gluten free (and dairy free). As you guys know I was a nurse for years before I created the business and left the profession 4 years ago however it is in my genes, my blood to help people no matter how small. I always remember a young lady who loved cheese and onion and after not being allowed to eat for months was desperate for a cheese and onion toasty and would you believe it, I couldn’t get hold of an onion in the hospital kitchen so on my way to my next shift I popped into the coop and grabbed a red onion as it was her favourite, honestly she cried and cried happy tears and never enjoyed a toasted sandwich as much as that day, incredibly I bumped into her years later and never forgot the gift of an onion and so back on to cake, by you guys having food allergies and intolerances, it’s the not being able to have something only inspires me to create something, to create a smile for you guys, to enjoy a food you haven’t had for years, to not be satisfied with the “it’s the best of the bad lot”, to create happy dances and for 5 minutes, the feeling of how things used to be or as you guys say “feeling normal”. I was chatting to one of my followers and we were simply talking about him being Coeliac plus on Fodmap and a couple of things really stuck in my mind, firstly the expectation that every time they go out to be sociable with friends there is the knowing that the next day there will be some level of feeling unwell, to a general tummy ache to feeling unable to function no matter whether he has been reassured its GF and free from onion, garlic etc but to avoid this he has been known to eat a packed lunch prior to going out simply to avoid eating and the other thing was that yes the gluten free options have got better however the quality of the food is no better and so going back to what keeps me motivated is comments like this, in modern society this is bonkers and just unacceptable….So much work is going on behind the scenes for the tearoom trying to source new products which are so good you cant tell they are gluten free and believe me some things are landing on the door and almost immediately being ruled out, I have been giving them away to people who I know require a free from diet simply to avoid food waste and to ask how it compares to other foods they are eating. Another totally random thought I have at times is how many of you guys simply click on my social media pages especially Facebook for an update without liking the page? I only ask out of idle curiosity because we walked into a local bar the other night and a chap just came up to me saying you are doing a marvelous job, I watch you closely and can’t wait to visit the tearoom, we were talking for a couple of minutes and wonder how does he recognise me? I forget that my face is on the top of my page sat in Little Pudding absolutely blumen exhausted after Southwell Ploughing Match and those video’s I keep posting of my waffling and general ramblings but that’s me, the over expressive facial expressions whilst I am talking, always wearing my heart on my sleeve but simply showing you the face and the person behind the brand, I am not a computer or a robot, I have a heart and soul, I can be over focused and obsessive, rubbish at keeping secrets however its known as caring, loving and feeling proud of what I have created and simply thankful for everyone who is on this roller coaster we call All Mine Cakes….Oh I so nearly wrote the tearoom’s name then but that’s my wanting to share everything with you guys but I am learning to keep my cards to my chest (for now) but your going to love it x x x

Lisa King