Southwell Ploughing Match 2017 Menu

o a fortnight today we (by this I mean myself, my hubby and Little Pudding) will be stood in a field as part of the amazing Southwell Ploughing Match in Kirklington, for those who read this after today the days will be counting down to the 30th September and my crazy cake countdown would have begun. Southwell Ploughing Match is our biggest even of the year, yes it even beats the Fabulous Places Christmas Market as its one day, 650 cakes minimum and you can’t get more local, those of you who see me on the days running up to it please just give me a hug, my fatigue will be going mental, my nervous system will be having a freak out and those of you who know me will see something a little different in my eyes, the wrong words will come out my mouth however I will try to hide the fact that my brain doesn’t work, all I can think about is cake and yes I will be cake chatting in my sleep to I apologise to my hubby in advance and the day itself I somehow get through it as adrenalin kicks in and chatting and meeting you guys is one of my favourite bits….My support crew are booked in and on standby because as of the Saturday night I will fall into a pile of dysfunctional mess, I won’t remember Sunday but I will be behind with the wholesale preparation so I may need to do a couple of hours before its Monday again and you have to start all over again but it will be a normal week trying to work through the wave of awfulness, trying to let everything settle down and return some level of normality, why on earth do you do it you may ask? For the love, the passion, the building of my brand and business I have worked so hard to achieve, to spread the word of my tearoom and simply be part of something amazing, your next question maybe how is she going to cope managing a building a tearoom with her health? Well there’s a plan for that too because I am not going to let chronic illness stop me, I hide this stuff from the pretty world of social media because its not needed to be known but just to open the door on the reality of running a business and we will average 15 hour days for about 7 days  so when we look a bit ropey or someone comments on a cake price we would have worked a minimum of 105 hours to be part of the event so I will let you do the maths to break even if we paid ourselves minimum wage (excluding NI and work based pension) to cover time alone, never mind ingredient cost, packaging time, pitch fee, petrol, more behind the scenes of managing and running a business but I bloody love it because if independent businesses didn’t love what they do, have a passion and wanted a proper wage there wouldn’t be an high street. I have gone off on a right tangent so shall we get back to what cakes we are taking with us??? As always there will probably be more added but I just need to see how we do time wise with supplying wholesale to 7 businesses.
Brownie options-
My hubby has specifically stated that nothing resembling a marshmallow can happen on a week when we are chopping brownies until 9-10pm so before anyone asks no S’Mores can go with us but we are taking gluten free (GF) award winning triple chocolate brownie, GF salted caramel brownie, GF nutella brownie with hazelnut nibbles, GF peanut M & M brownie and of course GF rolo brownie.  The combination of gluten free (GF) and dairy free (DF) brownies will be triple chocolate orange and triple chocolate.
Cakes options-
Now this bit is always the hardest to chose as I have to plan shelf life, what the weather maybe doing and I have over 40 options to choose from so here goes, gluten free (GF) lemon curd cakes, GF cornflake tart, GF award winning sticky toffee pudding cakes and GF apple & blackberry crumble cakes. The combination of gluten free (GF) and dairy free (DF) are my award winning lime & coconut cake and I cant decide between carrot cakes, lemon drizzle or glace cherry & almond so please feel free to comment but I will see what takes my fancy nearer the day
If I don’t take my Mars & Malteser slice I will have some unhappy people as that has to go everywhere with me but I am going to be making less simply as its popularity at my last event was significantly less so please reserve if you fancy some and of course we will take the award winning chia seed slice which is vegan, dairy free, egg free, gluten free and raw because some people like a healthier option so again please reserve as I may just make one tray plus millionaire shortbread has been added.
As always if anyone is interested in reserving any cakes please give me the heads up, we can hold onto any purchases you make on the day so you don’t have to carry them around, Little Pudding will look after them for you, we just take a name and mobile number but if I look at you a bit blank when you come and pick them up, the look of me saying ‘who are you’ and your thinking I spoke to you a earlier or few hours ago or if I can’t remember your name, its known as my body is internally broken, the end is in sight, I can stop, my brain is mush, we are hungry, I am beyond exhausted, my back, feet and legs will be in agony but we will be totally elated that we did it, we made it and had a fabulous day with the thoughts of cant wait to do it all again next year x x x

Lisa King