Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year lovelies, did you have a good one? There is so much stress to the big day but hopefully it was worth it? So, its 2018, what kind of year do you have in store and do you have any New Years Resolutions? Personally I don’t have them because in all honesty we slip back into our naughty habits of life or life gets in the way which ultimately results in negativity so I am in the camp of if you want to try something different, change your life or the whole loose weight, give up smoking thing just have a couple of squares of chocolate versus the bar or stop half way through your cigarette because they are more achievable targets versus the just stop everything? Whether I practice this theory is another story but as I sit here writing this blog post, chomping on a big bag of crisps in front of the TV seeing adverts for slimming pills, weight loss diets and diet theories however isn’t this time between Christmas and New Year referred to as crimbo-limbo and I do hate food waste!…Whatever 2018 has in store for myself and All Mine Cakes I do know is it is going to be one of the biggest years of our lives, its going to be up there with 2007 when we became Mr & Mrs. Schofield, I had major spinal surgery and we got our first puppy! This year is the last of my 30’s before the big 40 and there is the little thing we are creating of the All Mine Cakes tearoom, bloody hell! I have equal levels of excitement, giddiness, pride, fear, nervousness, shitting of our pants whilst pretending we know what we are doing or at least having an educated best guess but I have this vision in my head of the most beautiful building filled with All Mine Cakes magic and its going to be amazing. Do you ever have those moments when you see something or meet someone yet already you know them or have seen it, yesterday there was an Instagram post and I had already seen how we adapted it to be part of AMC tearoom and I just waffled to Si and he said yes I know!! Its bonkers as it keeps happening and I can’t explain it, I have to try and keep my mouth shut as there is so many things to tell and share with you so occasionally my excitement may over spill on to my social media pages or those of you who know me who will often receive verbal diarrhoea updates because I have to get it out my head!!! On this journey we are meeting such lovely people who are giving us the support, encouragement and reassurance as this is one huge leap of blind faith, we are creating something very unique both in what we offer plus its design, maybe I shouldn’t say but part of the cake counter is going to be dedicated to brownies, I mean a gorgeous glass cabinet full of slabs of all the different GF brownie varieties, presented on chopping boards (GF/DF versions will be presented the same except in their own cake domes to avoid cross contamination) or you can opt to have a brownie tasting board whereby you can try a bit of each brownie if its just too difficult to choose? Sssshhhh, for those of you who read my pre-Christmas blog, you will know that in order to achieve the above its going to take time and with this I have suspended Friday cake club and direct orders until I feel I can juggle the two again, the local businesses I supply wholesale cakes and treats will continue with their usual delivery days so no need to panic, if  anyone wants further information visit the stockist page on the website or PM me, in previous years it has taken me a while to work out why I always loose Facebook likes during January and someone once explained to me its because my photo’s create temptation so I won’t take it personally as long as you promise to say Hi again in February?
Happy New Year….Hayley x x

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