Just a Little Update

No cake, I repeat no cake again!! This is due to Friday cake club being suspended to allow me to focus on building the tearoom but we are cake deprived, how are you guys coping? The local businesses I supplying are increasing their orders simply because they keep running out a few days before their delivery date which is just awesome to support this time. With Valentines Day been and gone our thoughts are moving towards the Spring Market at Derby Roundhouse on the 4th March however at the moment we both feel like a duck (or as photographed) the swan who looks all calm and in control but paddling like an idiot under the water, with emails, meetings, changing of layout & design to better fit the building as it develops, to having quotes coming in and thinking can we afford to do this with a contingency fund still in place? We have so much still to do, we are focusing on the build but there is the Health & Safety, HASSP, contracts, till systems, level 3 food handling, alcohol licence and recruitment process which has begun. I’m a kind of person who can get in a lather, chew it over, escalate my stress by a million which in turn agitates my nervous system and feel like I’m possessed although I manage to keep it internalised but I’m guessing it’s a bit like PMT? Anyway I go off on a tangent as always but several people have mentioned the last few days how they enjoy reading my blog posts for an update on the world of AMC as they don’t always see all my posts due to FB algorithms or seeing them 5 days later and I get messages saying “what cake!” recently I made a gluten, dairy, egg & nut free Victoria Sponge needing to find hungry tummies as once I have tried our bit I want it gone as I can’t cope with cake hanging around which will probably be wasted.  In other news, next month I have been asked to do a talk for the local WI, I find it incredible they have asked me because after all it’s the WI, they are the masters of cake and I am a self taught (sometimes having a good guess) cake baker, ask Helen from Home Bake some of the random questions I have asked or simply haven’t a clue she is referring to but little me, doing a talk about All Mine Cakes, obviously armed with cake, I am still smiling to myself as I write this because I am sure they could tell me so much more than visa versa!! As part of the recruitment process the name of the tearoom is going to be announced in the advertising of them so I am busily working with Susie Huson Designs to try and come up with a logo amendment although its being a bit of a bugger because it just doesn’t look right, because of its name it doesn’t actually state what it is however if we add the word tearoom its too wordy, the word tearoom has stuck from my perspective but I have heard people referred to it as a café, shop, coffee shop, cake shop but once you know its name it will all make sense? Its slightly killing me keeping the name quite because I refer to it as it all the time, you have to imagine how it sounds when someone answers the phone, what its nickname will become, make sure its not too wordy, reflects what it is and its location. Just a handful of people know its name, maybe I should do a little competition to guess the name, you never know you guys may come up with a better one!!
Talking the tearoom, where do I start?? I think many of you may have seen the photos of us covered in dust whilst transforming the tables we have purchased as bargains, which with love & care can be exactly what I am hoping to achieve with the styling, I have to give the biggest thank you to our friends (you know who you are) who are letting us stash so much stuff in their warehouse and then giving up their time to help us restore it!! Being paid in cake and treats with a million thank you’s along the way because to be honest I am a pay someone else to do it kinda girl and my hubby is fondly referred to as handy mandy or half a job bob because he has been known to use the handle of an axe as a hammer and wondered why not very good, I have caught him once with a rolling pin trying to tap in a nail to hold up a piece of art and apparently refers to this as being resourceful when you can’t find or don’t have the correct equipment. Back to the furniture restoration, we are trying to save money where we can as more and more quotes come in or we realise we hadn’t thought of that but upcycling, giving a bit of love and seeing the transformation is awesome, a table which was covered in something like yacht varnish took 2 men, varnish removal, a lot of elbow grease, a heat gun (which one of them burnt their finger and incredibly not Si) and 2 belt sanders near enough 3 hour to transform into the most beautiful table top, the previous owner may cry when she see’s it because someone put the varnish on years ago and she lost her beloved wooden top but it’s back although I haven’t a clue how to seal them all once done because I’m not a huge fan of wax and don’t want all shiny so it will be a fingers crossed moment but I will do a tester sample on an underside first. So this week has been a big week, to the point I got a stress headache and was asleep by 7.30pm because my head hurt so much most evenings. We had a site visit from the company who were are using to manage, install and supply the professional kitchen, our lovely environmental health officer who has pointed out a few amendments to the layout which would work better, a security and fire company to go through all that kind of stuff, to solicitors regarding some other legal stuff but wow, these site meetings give me stress headaches, the enormity of the whole thing but then feeling like a giddy kipper, as more professionals come to site the layout, construction schedule and timescale changes but we are working through it and as I have said before with my hubby beside me, my support crew, all the amazing trades people and of course you guys we can achieve anything, I am keeping a private blog/diary of things as they are happen to one day look back and recall how we achieved it and the hurdles along the way but if you have a dream be brave enough (even in the days of doubt and worry when you look at spreadsheets) to believe because nobody can do this but us, yes its bloody hard, yes it tough however never loose sight of what you are trying to achieve, it’s the little things which suddenly give you an insight, getting the imagination to slowly become a reality….
Take care, Hayley x x

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