Spring Market Cake Menu

I always sit at the laptop not knowing what to choose, I usually end up with one or two people unhappy saying but my favourite isn’t with you…. I usually put a heads up post on my social media pages asking for any requests (which cant be promised) however it gives me an idea of thoughts….This is the first time that my hubby is going to be away on an event week, usually we are working until 9pm getting stuff out of tins and preparing for the next days baking, in addition to this Friday cake club has been suspended since the new year simply as all our time is being spent on the tearoom so I am asking for your help, I am not sure if reservations for cake is going to go bonkers as we are all cake deprived, leaving not enough for the event. The favour I ask is if you are planning on treating yourself to cake next week either on Friday or for the Fabulous Places Spring Market please reserve from the list below either via direct comment o n the Facebook feed or a PM (for all my secret cake eaters) preferably by Sunday, it may sound silly but it helps me to plan the number of tins I create of each variety and with being home alone life going to be crackers!!!
So here we go, others maybe added or changed depending on how I manage juggling cake, life and tearoom creation….
Gluten free options;
Of course my award winning GF triple chocolate brownie, Nutella brownie, GF rhubarb & custard cakes, GF cornflake tart, GF chocolate cakes with a Cadbury’s caramel egg and the much loved GF easter rocky road. I have been asked several times for my All Mine Cakes creates Little Puddings so both versions will available (Melt in the Middle Chocolate Pudding & my award winning Sticky Toffee Pudding)
Gluten & Dairy free options;
My award winning lime & coconut cake plus chocolate hazelnut brownie
Vegan options;
My GF & vegan lemon and blueberry cakes, the healthier fruit & nut slice, if I get chance I want to add another option but I may not get chance
Mars & Malteser slice with a Easter malteser bunny
See you on the 4th March x x

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