Honestly, I don't really know!!

I was asked a question the other day which slightly caught me on the hoof and in all honesty I don’t ultimately know the answer….”How do you do what you do? Are you part of many networking groups or other support groups?” In all honesty No, not really! I am a member of Marketing Jump Leads which keeps you up to date with all sorts of latest FB algorithms and clever stuff like ManyChat and how video’s are the preferred method of people seeing your posts on their feeds, stuff  I would never have heard of, yes I am a member of a couple of Coeliac Facebook groups as I hear so much news on there and read about peoples struggles and honestly just keeping your eyes peeled at all times for anything which may relate to the business, most information is discovered by who I follow, who inspires me, whose design or business model I like. For All Mine Cakes I always go with my instinct, do the hard work yourself so you understand both your business and not expect anyone else to do the work for you, I have often been asked many a question and yes I support where I can but I’m old school (just ask the student nurses I mentored), you have to understand why you are doing what you are doing, know what your objective is and work out how you are going to achieve it. When I first set up AMC nearly 5 years ago you have this magical idea in your head that everyone will discover you and your work, you become slightly over focused on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram followers and then when it doesn’t happen overnight you start to question or doubt yourself, first bit of advice is stop stressing about it, use the energy to better your business, I had a lady say recently that she was a secret stalker, when asked what this meant she said she prefers to watch from afar, almost binge look at my posts (like box set) and she’s not the only one because her friends do the same and they talk about it over coffee!! Those of you who know me will know I wear my heart on my sleeve, far to honest, rubbish at keeping secrets but hope that one share of a new gluten free or dairy free product will somehow help just one person out there, you guys who have a food allergies and intolerances or a lifestyle choice, to create a smile by something silly I share which often isn’t related to cake but made me smile so might help one of you who are having a crap day. All platforms of social media people mainly post the highlights or the lifestyle they want you to see, you can create a wonderful photo with filters and giving the appearance of creating perfection however we all know in reality this isn’t real, the other day we posted a picture with a tearoom update looking all happy and smiley however what the picture doesn’t show is that I was feeling awful, it took all my effort to go up the lodge because me and my body have a bit of a war with it each other, usually it wins but I have an awesome support crew who reset it back to factory settings and off we go again. I don’t know whether what I am doing is right or wrong however if it feels right at the time, have an educated guess, do your homework, bash it idea out with a friend or hubby, quite often I am winging it but everyday is a new day and things change, you have to keep re-evaluating, I am my own worse critic and often get told to be more confident in what you do and what you have achieved. I love looking back at old photos of when the business was launched, how its developed, how my cake baking ability has developed, how we evolved to what people wanted, finding the niche in the market, what makes you different to the other 4 local cake bakers, have good people around you, don’t give up but acknowledge your limitations however usually the answer is out there, you just need to have the passion and determination to find it x