We Are Opening A Tearoom!

So recently we shared the amazing but pooh your pants news that All Mine Cakes is opening a tearoom in a village just Southwell, we were quiet with its location in the beginning simply for the local residents to find out from ourselves instead of just posting a picture on social media of the building in a “ta da” style of a way because where it is located is a sleepy hamlet just outside Southwell and we hoped for the support of the local community and to our knowledge everybody is now aware so we can now share more information with you guys as so many people were asking about it at the Fabulous Places Spring Fair at Beeston.
The tearoom is going to be within a fishing lodge situated by one of the fishing lakes at Maythorne, just outside Southwell along the lower Kirklington Road and can be accessed via the Southwell trail by foot whilst either having a stroll to settle the baby or walking the dog, riding your bike or on a club run. The trail runs from Southwell by the Final Whistle pub all the way along to Bilsthorpe and beyond, you can divert at Maythorne and head left towards Starkey’s fruit orchards to loop back into town or choose right to walk along the river back to the pub car park (we will creating little maps to help you find you route)…The lodge was built 25 years ago and for several years I have day dreamed about opening it as a tearoom, every time I walked past it I was looking at it longingly and as the All Mine Cakes business has grown my daydream became more of a passion and so one day asked its owner…What do you think to opening a tearoom in the fishing lodge? And to cut a very long story short of traffic survey’s, tomography, pedestrian survey’s, working out costing, secretly confiding in a our nearest friends and family we managed to keep it a secret until our planning application was approved, all the local businesses I supply wholesale cakes to were informed of our plans at point of the planning application being submitted because their support and selling All Mine Cakes has helped grow the business to enable this development to happen. From a business perspective I will continue to supply Gonalston Farm Shop, Newfield Ice cream Parlour, Topiary tearoom, The Real Milk Company and Country Home Interiors whilst still be part of events such as Fabulous Places, Southwell Ploughing Match and the Bramley Apple Festival.
The fishing lodge has such huge potential! As it’s a fishing lodge it has so many windows which creates a really light building, we are going have large doors onto the decking area whereby you can enjoy the sunshine whilst watching the ducks and other beautiful wildlife but also have awnings to provide shade in the summer or shelter on a rainy day, fisher men and women will still be able to fish (it costs £5.00 per day for anyone who may like fishing), fury 4 legged friends will also be welcome and have a doggy treat after a walk, families are welcome and after asking many new mums about breast feeding in public and the reaction of others, there is even a little nursing room, should you choose or prefer to have privacy whilst feeding? There will simply be a big comfy chair, a nice quiet space with no noisy hand dryers which will also have baby changing facilities and an little drawer or cupboard of emergency nappies, wipes, bags etc. Regarding the menu, the plan is to be able to serve the choice of gluten free, dairy free and other free from including those following the fodmap diet, this is my aim but there may be many things I have to learn about running a professional kitchen however my hope is the chefs and catering team members will share my passion, enthusiasm and vision because I want everyone who visits the tearoom to be included, not isolated, to be able to choose from the same menu, not worry about cross-contamination and forget about their food allergies whilst enjoying delicious food created with love, passion and creativity!
We are sourcing our ingredients locally and seasonal where possible from within Nottinghamshire and supporting the businesses who have supported me, our meat will be from Gonalston Farm Shop, the ice cream from The Real Milk Company, some of the soft drinks from Starkey’s and the coffee is from 200 degrees, a small Nottingham roaster. An snap shot of the menu is to including proper pulled pork cooked on the big green egg served in a ciabatta with the most delicious coleslaw and homemade bramley apple sauce? Maybe you prefer proper quality cooked breakfast or simply bacon or sausage butty with Stokes sauces? Or a delicious Ploughman’s lunch with hand picked cheese selection, chutneys, Alderton Ham or a homemade sausage roll and scotch egg? Maybe you prefer a wedge of toasted sourdough with smashed avocado, roasted vine tomato’s, balsamic glaze with perhaps a poached free range egg? I hope you are getting a feel for the style? There is so much we can create, I have my own little library full of free from cook books, the menu will simply be the choice of 5-6 options plus a couple of specials (which changes maybe fortnightly depending on the season and how many of you guys visit daily!) and created perfectly every time. I am currently sampling lots of gluten free bread, some from local independent businesses, to the New Warburton Bakehouse range and even to the Wheat Free Bakery, I have also discovered a couple of artisan gluten free bakeries in London which I will be contacting to acquire some gluten free bread samples, there is much investigating going into sourcing the best free from goods, I have even thought about having a dabble myself.
For those of you who haven’t seen our Facebook post sharing the location and view from the building, I hope you agree that it’s beautiful? We are having an outside seating area which will look out over the water but also have shelter with either an awning or parasols, I haven’t investigated this fully yet as I am sure you can appreciate there are many things I have been researching in between the baking and running the businesses. I have to say thank you for your amazing reaction to the tearoom announcement, you secretly hope that you guys will be as excited as us however you have surpassed our hopes, we have had people knocking on the door, people trying to book tables for the opening day, people asking for jobs, offers of help with anything and everything and such positivity to the business development so genuinely a heart felt thank you because I am silly petrified, with sweaty hands yet a giddy feeling in my tummy, one of the important things is to create an amazing team within the tearoom, those who share my passion for food, have an attention to detail, go the extra mile on customer service whilst loving your work, I have plans on how I would love to run the business and be part of a fabulous team.
Thanks for reading x x

Lisa King