October 21st, 2015

As a business you are often asked what is your vision or your goal....Mine is for everyone to be able to enjoy delicious cakes even if you have a food tolerance. With my previous employment history being a nurse and working with those who have inflammatory bowel conditions I noticed years ago there was an opportunity to create delicious cakes for those people who have allergens and my goal was primarily gluten free, those of you who have read my previous blog will know about my adventures, failures, tears and stress at trying to create the perfect gluten free sponge texture, eventually I worked it out and even my digital scales don't read the ingredients accurately so its done by eye. Over time word spread about my free from cakes and I have made some fantastic friends along the way but there was always this niggle in my mind that although the ingredients say gluten free or the age old manufactured in an environment which handles gluten (as does the all mine kitchen) so after nattering with a friend over a cup of tea I mentioned that I would love to get them tested for peace of mind for everyone so you can buy with confidence and I can not worry that I have unintentionally "glutened" you and mentioned in conversation that I want to get them laboratory tested and amazing they would be able to help me so now that I had opportunity it was full steam ahead over the last month and today I have had it officially confirmed that the 25 gluten free cakes which were sent for testing which I produce are <5mg/kg (ppm) as per regulations and have the certificates to prove it! More testing will continue as some of the cakes I produce are seasonal so in the spring a couple more will be analysed so do I list them on here? Your eyes may go boggly but here goes, I'm not going to say gluten free to everything so take it as it is....Award winning triple chocolate brownie, rolo brownie, peanut M & M brownie, award winning taste of winter brownie, millionaire shortbread, christmas cake, simnel cake, black forest gateaux cakes, mint choc chip cakes, lemon curd cake, lemon curd slices, sweetie cupcakes, lemon drizzle, rolo caramel cakes, carrot cakes, orange & almond drizzle cakes, apple cakes, soaked tea loaf cakes, award winning sticky toffee pudding cake, yule log, award winning lime & coconut cake (plus this is dairy free), no bake chocolate chia seed slice (which is dairy free, egg free & vegan), chocolate cakes, Victoria sponge and retro style glace cherry & almond cakes! Now the question is where can you buy them? Please see on my website the stockist subheading which explains everything or there is Friday cake club where you can buy from all mine cakes...I don't have a shop however the next few weeks I am at festive events and markets;

This Saturday (24th October) I am at Southwell Bramley Apple food & drink festival and will be in the Southwell Minster from 10-4pm
On the 30th October  I am at Another Be-witching Halloween Party, ticketed event
On the 7th & 8th November I will be at Derby Roundhouse as part of the Fabulous Places Christmas Market
On the 14th & 15th November I am at The Beeston Walled Garden Winter Fair
28th & 29th November I am Newfield icecream Parlour & cafe Christmas Fair at Hockerton
The 3rd December I am with Country Home Interiors, on Kings St, Southwell as part of the late night shopping event
On the 6th December you can find me as part of Gonalston Farm Shop christmas extravaganza tasting day
and finally on the 17th December I am at The Hearty Goodfellow with a last minute christmas food, drink and gift event

Any questions don't hesitate to email me and hopefully see you soon? 

Hayley x

Lisa King