Some Days You Just Smash It!

Do you ever have days when you feel like you smash it, when so many loose ends are tied up that you feel like you have achieved so much? Obviously this is versus the other days when you want to bang your head against a brick wall as you work so hard to try and sort something and fail to the point of giving up however knowing that ultimately that isn’t an option, you just need to keep trying because there is always a way, you just have to find it!!! So today I have finally managed to sort my new business banking account application, had the most helpful chap in Santander go through all my documents and just like that it was all sorted, even to the point of them forwarding the application, the moment when you are genuinely gob smacked at someone being so helpful versus my usual bank when you walk in and there isn’t a human its all machines!! Today I have pressed the “go” button on the tearoom kitchen, yes its all system go, I have planned it down to the smallest detail including which side the oven doors open because if you have hot trays in your hands you need to ensure the kitchen flows, you maintain staff safety and make the work environment as user friendly for the staff and business as possible, in addition to this we also have finally decided the tearoom artwork, I have had the name for ages and occasionally let it slip in conversation to people but I can’t recommend Susie Huson Design enough, when you have 2 over focused woman working on something, a 30 minute meeting becomes 3 hours with several cups of tea and deliberations, Susie rebranded All Mine Cakes logo and has done everything design wise for the business, from business cards, stickers, Little Pudding sleeves, GF flour Blend project and trading standards labels so its fair to say she gets me, my ridiculous attention to detail and over focused issues, tomorrow I have a meeting to see how the new website design is coming along, I’m so excited because other than pastel colours and my active social media posts on the page I have handed it over to Lisa from Lisa King Consultancy, looking at her previous projects and website creations she’s the right woman for the job. When you write it down it doesn’t seem like much but these bits have been rumbling along whilst an ever growing list of stuff to do builds. The tearoom site is looking amazing, all the glass is in and its now a secure building so its time for us to press go on all the tradesmen we have on standby to transform it, I am going to be a little bit cheeky and hide what’s happening inside from the outside world and put something up at the windows so we have a grand unveiling whenever its ready, we are being asked when it will be ready and the answer is sometime over Summer, I can’t be more specific at the moment but as I have always said from the beginning, its ready when its ready. I have a big day coming up soon, we are going to be interviewing for the team members of manager, chef & cake baking assistant. This is a huge thing for me and I may be more nervous than the applicants but I have the support of Cheryl from Peak HR who is already part of the team (as is Kate for bookkeeping & payroll) my hubby keeps having this re-occurring dream about having to make coffee’s and he can’t remember what to do even though he will be trained and learn everything about being a Barista, at the minute my head hit the pillow and a bomb could go off, there is so much happening because not only are we building a new business but we are both managing our own businesses so we are running 3 businesses however I think we are thriving on the challenge, sometimes it breaks us however a good night sleep and a fresh brain can do wonders  x x

Lisa King