How The Idea Began

We all have dream, a life wish or ambition however big or small but are you ever lucky enough in life or brave enough to put your big girl pants on and make the jump, grab the opportunity with both hands and take a leap of faith? The dream itself will potentially change your life forever however knowing that you could create something which could be so amazing do you grab it with both hands or bury your head? Some of you may know I have created  All Mine Cakes, a multi-award winning cake baking business based just outside Southwell. I launched in 2013 and discovered very early that there was a gap in the market for quality cakes which allowed almost everyone to enjoy a treat no matter their food intolerance, allergy or dietary preference, so after hours of trial and error, frustration and tears I finally created a recipe which allowed me to transfer traditional cakes recipes to be gluten free with a magic formula which doesn’t compromise on the taste and texture of free from cake.  Sometimes you have to bottle up an emotion or a memory so you remember the feeling, the pride, the job satisfaction so in the times when you have a wobble or become frightened of the prospect of creating the dream, when you have nausea to the pit of your stomach with anxiety of the whole idea or through shear physical exhaustion, when your nervous system and body is so tired your teeth hurt and you have horrible pains in your feet, that you can open the bottle and remember how you felt? So with my hubby holding my hand we started the next chapter of All Mine Cakes and created a tearoom lovingly called All Mine Cakes by the Lake x x

Lisa King