Summer is Here

Hope you are all enjoying the sunny weather and mini heatwave? The warmth has been creating a few cake baking challenges and with the kitchen being 33oC without ovens in action was needed so my amazing husband called near enough every shop trying to buy an air conditioning unit and eventually success with an hour deadline to pick it up else would be released back on sale.It took 36 hours for the kitchen to restore to a normal temperature but honestly one of the most stressful few days. We are currently in the middle of summer events, the next couple of weekends we are at a local events, firstly at The East Midlands Chilli, Food, Beer & Artisan Festival at Rolleston and the following weekend we are at Hollybeck Garden Centre Food and Drink Festival at the top of Oxton Hill. To keep upto date with my creations and choices available at both events pop a little like on my Facebook page, just click on the icon on my website, hope you see you there x

Lisa King