Here at All Mine Cakes, we pride ourselves on baking honest, exceptional quality bakes from the traditional to the quirky...

In addition to our traditional tray bakes we have become pretty well known for our special dietary requirement cakes and treats whilst offering a bespoke, personalised service.

As I am mindful of allergens and cross-contamination so to give everyone peace of mind all my gluten free cakes have been tested for their gluten content and have passed with flying colours. My years of nursing prior to having the amazing opportunity to follow my dream mean I am very knowledgeable about (some may say a little obsessive) restricting any cross-contamination from the baking schedules. I prioritising the bakes on a daily basis, triple washing tins and tubs in fresh, hot, soapy water to remove any potential trace of allergens. My hubby is my chopping buddy (as my lines are wonky even when I am trying my hardest with templates) but he knows absolutely everything and to be mindful of the little things like has the tea towel handled a tin which contains gluten? 

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gluten free cake shop nottinghamshire
gluten free cake nottinghamshire

My passion, some may say obsession in life is for everyone to be able to enjoy delicious cake, whether you have a food allergy or intolerance to gluten and/or dairy, I love it when you guys get so excited that you can have social inclusion, not be left out and even have a choice!

To date, I have 46 varieties of gluten free cakes and treats available within my cake range. Due to some of ingredients I use stating that they ‘may contain trace of gluten’ which is due to the manufacturing methods within the factories where they are produced, I decided to have all of my gluten free cakes tested for their gluten content and they passed with flying colours. We are constantly creating new recipes, but always use the same ingredients so there is never any concern over trying our new creations. Coeliac UK state foods with a gluten content less than 20ppm/kg is classified as gluten free, all my cakes and treats have reported less than 5ppm/kg so you guys have peace of mind that everything is okay and they can safely be referred to as gluten free.

I create individual cakes in tulip papers and tray bakes so everyone can choose their favourites, gives you more choice whilst reducing food waste, of course sharing is optional or you can simply say its “All Mine”

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We are delighted to have won several Great Taste Awards for our cakes and brownies.

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