The Walled Garden Christmas Fair

Wow, what an incredible weekend at Derby Roundhouse as part of Fabulous Places Christmas Market but no time to stop and reflect because this Sunday we are at Deb's The Walled Garden Christmas Fair at Beeston Fields on Sunday from 10-4pm, we didn't go last year with events being back to back and the impact on me however so many people messaged me before, during and after the event saying where are you?? Why aren't you hear?? Some said well I'm not going to go if your not there so to avoid the stress, having disappointed customers and to support Deb's because I remember the day one Sunday possibly 3 or 4 years ago when I walked up to her and gave a business card saying I'm All Mine Cakes and obviously more professional than this but saying "can I please be part of this amazing thing?" because years gone by when you first set out on your new business adventure (well I was),  your not very confident, doubted people would want to buy our cakes because you look around the room or on the internet thinking they are so much better than me and other cake businesses will hate me as I'm competition although ultimately we all have the same goal and believe it or not we all support each other, have a right giggle and natter because we all have very different products and don't even start me on pricing because thats another can of worms all together but overtime you guys have embraced us, are so lovely and follow us to events....So to this Sunday's event, to be honest my brain is a bit mushy because we had some huge tearoom news today which we weren't expecting to hear about yet and for those of you who we have spoken to they said yes, to the rest of you I will update you soon. The cake menu will possibly have others added depending on how I go and how quick the hours fly by.....

Gluten free options;

Award winning triple chocolate brownie
Salted caramel brownie
Nutella brownie
Don't tell my hubby but the S'mores brownie (they are an absolute nightmare to chop!)
and of course rolo brownie because I had protests that they ran out on Saturday
Lemon curd cakes
Christmas cake
Award winning sticky toffee pudding cake

Gluten & dairy free options;

Orange & almond drizzle cakes
Triple chocolate brownie
Raspberry & coconut cakes
No bake chocolate chia seed slice


Mars & Malteser slice
Christmas cake

As I always say,  please reserve anything you maybe tempted by because we do sellout as cake numbers is a guessing game because you need enough but don't want loads left because I like to start Monday with no cake left so everything is as fresh as fresh can be, hopefully see you Sunday

Hayley x x

Lisa King