A Little Tearoom Update

What a truly incredible event! You guys are amazing and astound me however frighten me at the same time with your love of All Mine Cakes, this is meant in the kindest way possible with the upcoming tearoom because we sold over 200 cakes in 4.5 hours, you guys give us confidence that hopefully we are doing the right thing because as excited as we are, we are also very nervous, worried and everything which comes with taking such a huge leap of a small independent business to suddenly employing staff, having rent and wages to pay whilst trying to create the most amazingly brilliant and beautiful place to hang out with your friends and family enjoying multi-award winning cakes and treats plus other delicious breakfasts and lunches. This post is simply to give you guys an update about what is happening behind the scenes to its creation and importantly to explain the adjustment to the timeline of opening. Any of you who know us will know that we give 100% to everything we do and this is no exception, if anything we need to give it more. Very few of you know where the location of the tearoom is going to be, it is in a little hamlet in Maythorne, just a couple of moments outside the historical town of Southwell in Nottinghamshire. The building is a small fishing lodge which overlooks a fishing lake, the setting is idyllic surrounded by countryside, at the moment there are ducklings and goslings on the lake and it is so peaceful. As you know we have planning permission to convert the building however the decision has been made to see if we can improve on these plans and we are hoping to add a small rear extension to have a cold store and relocate the toilets, office and nursing room to this area, which in turn hopefully will give us a bigger kitchen and a walk in pantry area so we have more space to cook, prep and store foods, even more exciting than that is we are applying to have panoramic glass/bifold doors on the two sides of the building which face the lake which optimise the view because when you are stood inside the  building the view is mesmerising, to be sat either outside on a sunny day on the decking area enjoying an ice cream or inside on a frosty winters morning drinking a cappuccino watching the wildlife go by we think it could be a truly special place so due to the timeline with the application it will take up to 12 weeks from the date of submission because we have to start the whole process again plus 8 weeks for building regulation approval which frighteningly takes us to November/ December  before any work can happen and it gives me time to plan, source, create the vision which is in my mind and the dream so as always I will keep you updated with its development and fingers crossed planning approval but its coming slowly but surely, just bear with us as we are busily working behind the scenes trying to create the best tearoom we can, sourcing local suppliers, researching everything and learning a heck of a lot of stuff along the way x

Lisa King