A Thousand Words

How a photo say a thousand words, well to me…Today we were discussing flooring in the tearoom and scratching our heads, with the product catalogues and what we thought would be perfect samples on the floor looked a little washy and cold, depending on whether you had them horizontal or vertical changed it again but then up the other end of the tearoom where there is less light they could have been okay, maybe it was because today is yet another dank day or because we have so much natural light in the building however would a sunny day change everything again? Its like the parasol material swatches I have on my kitchen window, waiting to imagine being sat underneath one of them and waiting to see how the sunlight affects them, does it remain too dark if sat outside on a sunny day? These are simple but huge decisions we are having to make at the moment because each element is costing thousands of pounds and if I don’t like them, well its tough because I am stuck with it and I will go on and on about it because I am a perfectionist, I drive Si insane with my attention to detail but then in all fairness he can be as obsessive!! Anyway back to the photo, we were jabbering still going around in circles and one of our neighbours does his daily physiotherapy walk up and down the lane and pops onsite to monitor how things are progressing, we waved to say hello and continued the discussions, with the sample repositioned again I looked up and saw someone doing what I do on a regular basis, just looking out to the lake having a moment of calm and absorbing the magic, maybe imagining the future, daydreaming of a sunny days, knowing the magic of its location and the beauty of the seasons. I know I keep referring to the magic and once we are open you will get it, there is something about that little building and I hope many of you have the same moment? I wish I knew what was going through his mind, mine is usually something like bloody hell, OMG, numerous other swear words, fear, excitement, amazement that its happening, thinking how its always so cold in there and simply being captivated by its magic and then Si usually interrupts my thoughts to discuss its development but it’s the smile I feel inside my heart whenever I walk into that building, daydreaming of what its going to be like once it is all finished and sharing the dream and opening my heart to everyone. Doing the proper stuff before sharing the image to the world I asked permission to share, the gentleman had no idea I was capturing this moment however its almost a reflection of me, a moment of contemplation and calm before returning to reality, walking home leaving with a memory, a thought or an emotion x x

Lisa King